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Welcome to Gaea. This is a society of the past, yet our technology is of the future.

I am an author, and maybe one day when my life is less action-packed (hehe), I'll type up my novels and put them on here. For now, enjoy what is here. This place is dedicated to one of my favorite anime shows, Tenkuu no Escaflowne (Vision of Escaflowne). I got introduced to the show when Fox brought it on August 19th, 2001. Just by the commercials that advertised it, I knew I would like it a lot. Once I saw the episodes, it became my favorite show, second only to Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and Fushigi Yuugi. I love the plot, action, and romance. They had it on several episodes through, and then took it off because they realized that it wasn't a kids show . . . and that it revolved more around the girl Hitomi than Van. And Fox and most other television stations have a problem with showing cartoons where the main character is a girl. (Like WB didn't show the first few episodes of CardCaptor Sakura because they didn't have Syaoran Li in them; they even changed the name to plain "Card Captors" to make it seem like Sakura wasn't the only main character!) So sadly they took it off. I borrowed the last disc of episodes from a friend of mine, but I haven't seen the ones that led up to it. Hopefully one day I will. ^_^

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