Before The Shadows Fade
I made this page because "The High Voltage Collection" makes catching 'em all (had to stick that SOMEWHERE on the website ^^;) a bajillion times more complicated than it already is. I'm using the dubb (*Cringe*) names, episode titles, and seasonal titles on this page because I know it's very hard to get to know the oh-so-very-distant Japanese version.

  You Should Note That...

  • Season 1 usually comes in Volumes of 3 so there are 2 surplus episodes from that season that appear in Volume 1 of Season 2.
  • Season 3 Volumes pick up at Volume 39 because it came out on VHS & DVD before Season 2 did so it left some space in between for Season 2.
  • Season 2 obviously can't take up the space between Volumes 26 and 51 so it has roman numerals instead.
  • Season 4 "High Voltage" Volumes came before the Season 4 "Journey To The Johto League Champion" Volumes so "High Voltage" picks up with the Volume numbers from Season 3.
  • The reason there is no Volume 52 is because releasing Season 3 in Volumes with only 3 episodes leaves two left over. Since "The Psychic Sidekicks" is a lost episode that leaves out the season's greatest episode: "The Fortune Hunters." (What's with the extrasensory power-themed episodes all of a sudden?)

      Wow, that was confusing. Oh well, your problem. :P Just re-read it a few times and you'll live.

      The Road To Indigo

    Adventures On The Orange Islands

    The Johto Journeys

    Johto League Champions

  • Journey To The Johto League Champion [Volumes]
  • High Voltage [Volumes]

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