Who is they?

Prehistoric drawings

They or them is a pronoun describing a group of people.In conversations when most people discuss events and ideals above  understanding  they or them is blamed for the situation. Whether the topic is war,poverty,religion or government, etc....They are almost always blamed .So who is  the "They" group responsible  for all these situations? Some  people belive "they" are Aliens.

They could be hybrid human beings who are living among other Human beings.Some belive there to be lizard like aliens and the  little grey and green guys who are in all the stupid movies. I personally don't really care, but the growing  presence of literatue on the internet and elsewhere is interesting as being a great source of entertainment!

A Short Entertaining Alien History

Popular entertainment programs have reoccuring Serpent or Lizard as Alien themes."Godzilla" The giant Japanese nuclear modified lizard is similar to alien-human hybrid theories.The popular role playing game "Dungeons and Dragons" imagines humans destroying these fantastic mythical creatures.The human belief in a "dragon" type of creature is a cross-cultural memory held by many diverse ethnic peoples.The The "Circle of the Dragon" website is a interesting study in the history of historical dragon belief. A must see for fantasy and Folk History Fans!

Ancient Egypt has been often associated with "aliens". Some researchers say the alignment of the Great Pyramids at Giza resemble a star cluster in the Orion Constellation.The motion picture plots of the "Men in Black" and "Stargate" exploit this assocation.The movie "Species" and the 80's NBC television series of "V" for Visitors had Lizard type alien characters."Alien Nation" was another television series and interestingly a song title recorded by the German band the "Scorpions".There is a band also called the "Alien Ant Farm".The movies "Matrix","Coneheads",and "Independence Day" also have alien themes.This is to be by no way a complete list of alien themed entertainment but just a primer for those that wonder why!

What are you thinking?

Alternative Reality ?

Many of the strange "alien" pictures and stories I come across on the Internet are by accident!I often use Google or AltaVista to search for various images and I almost always find some strange pictures and and even stranger website content.

In November 2004, I came across a very Strange Russian Web Site "www.gokh.net/index.html" while I was searching for images relating to Earth's Rotational Axis. Here is a bizarre screen shot .The text and images on this website (which I can no longer locate on the internet!) contain some sort of science related information. Most of the information seems to be something you would encounter by watching or reading science fiction! This Website does not mention the existence of "alien lifeforms" but the strange information implies some sort of enigmatic alternative reality! While I was searching for a photo of Earth from outer space I came across this "hollow Earth" drawing and futher search has yielded me mountains of stories and theories!

The "Alien Nation" as a Symbol of Industrialization!

20th Century and modern history in general tells the tale of human beings leaving the rural farm to live in large urban centers called cities.Assembly line production and the motorized machine have made this "modern" civilization possible. That the growth of American civilization and Industrialization was the product of human interaction within a hierarchical organized structure (church,corporation,and goverment) is a undenighable fact (1).These hierarchical structures are pyramid like ordered organizations of personnel.The people on top do control most activities of the people below.Presidents, Generals, Popes, Bishops, Chairmen of the boards or (CEO's) these people are the leaders.Much news is written about these individuals.History has shown the Pharaohs built the Pyramids of Giza with this population control machine.The shortsighted plans and goals of these leaders illustrates the danger that consolidated power can do to a mass population.

Much of modren industrialized civilization is not prepared to support the large population of humans that now exist let alone future growth.Industrialized civilization and the Capitalistic economy in particular exploits cheap "slave" labor and cheap stockpiles of physical material resources. Modren civilization is dependent upon large amounts of fossil fuel to create energy for cooking,heating,transportation,and the production of electricty.The fact that the United States has gone into massive debt to occupy the oil rich reigon of Iraq illustrates the dependence upon oil and no immediate plan to produce other alternative energy sources.The USA relies upon burning Coal to generate 65% of the nations electricty need.The burning of Coal is destroying the natural enviroment and creating intense weather and storm conditions that kill many people each year.

Thus this "modren" civilization could be described as a "Alien" parasite feeding upon the Earth's resources without care for the enviroment and both human and animal populations who are destroyed and exploited by this "marching war machine" of industrialization.Some Human life within this "Alien Nation" has evolved some strange characteristics which can be explained using some of the entertainment "Alien" images as metaphors or examples.

"Alien" as a Metaphor for Industrialized Civilization

In 1979,20th Century Fox released the now classic "Alien" movie series ,staring Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, and has these interesting spider like aliens who use humans as host vessels to grow thier offspring.The "Alien" growing inside of a human being reminds me of the growing obesity epidemic in rich western nations.Many people emersing themselves in a diet based upon animal protein (milk,meat,and cheese) look like they got a "alien" inside thier bodies.Of course these people are large around the abdomen area because of the unnutritious diet high in saturated fat.I personally belive that much of animal based protein is undigestable to human beings which would explain the weight gain and other numerious health problems often associated with obesity.A byproduct of fast food consumption is the availability of cheap leather coats. The "men and women in black leather" are everywhere in this USA nation.

The increasing use of microwaves (electromagnetic waves) for cooking and cell phone communcation is strange because why would someone fry thier brain with the same waves they use to heat food with? The USA Today reports that reptiles see dull colors in comparsion to human beings.Many Americans are addicted to viewing motion pictue entertainment. (Television,Movies,Video games)

"They told You to do It"

The most puzzling ascept of mental health in the last half of the 20th Century is those who commit a crime and then confesses "they told me to do it".The general situations and details of the crimes differ but I read many newspaper descriptions were the killer or criminal states "they told me to do it" or these people heard voices that gave him or her instructions to commit these acts.Most often The killer is stunned by his actions and has little or no memory or recall of performing the murder or other violent act.While some of these people were already taking psychariac medication before thier "relapse" not all did.

The lone gunman who walks into a public place and for no apparent reason kills innocent people is also a sad reoccuring situation of The industrialized civilization in the last half of the 20th century.Most often these events occur at these locations:Schools, restaurants (Mcdonalds),places of employment,post offices,and the personal home where a family member commits mass murder and then sucicide.

I will offer a hypothetical explaination for these violent situations that often occur.Thier are numerious sound waves and other low and high pitched frequencys flying around in the air as you read what I wrote.Television,Radio,Citizen Ban Police communcation,air traffic control,military communcation frequencys,Cell phones,and low orbit satellites are all a form of communication broadcasting and many of these receiving devices are in your home.Can some people be influenced by these frequencys or actually receiving and following instructions that are being broadcast?The human brain is complex and little understood by doctors and scientists.That humans are known to only access and use 10% of our brains leaves alot of brain "in the dark".That people also have metal fillings filling holes in thier teeth could also heighten the receving experience. Many who performed those crimes were already taking brain chemical altering "medication" and this could fine tune or block brain reception.

I leave you with some "food" for your thought.What or whose purpose does these "mindless killings" serve? These Acts of violence are reported by various news media who gets paid to entertain! Most of those who performed these crimes can't remember what they did and feel remorsefull later.These people were likely brainwashed and or hypnotised.

Logical Conclusions

Mass media programming content is filled with images of violent crime,war,and general destruction. The Barbaric character of primitive man comes through in the taste of his entertainment. Most of modren "alien" industrialized civilization is not prepared to evolve for the better. Right-winged Religious and Governmental organizations continue to deny the overwhelming existence of evolution because that would give modren man the clue that he or she is not a animal and does not deserve to be treated as a slave. Overpopulated Cities could be compared to fenced in animal enclosures which restrict the freedom and behavior of modren man.

(1) "Class and Society", Kurt B. Mayer, 1955 Random House


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