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Who am I ?

Jennifer Padme Sanfilippo

I am 69 years old. Italian mother, Irish father.


Elder/High Priestess Dragon Lair Coven. Now solitary practitioner.

Ordained Reverend through the Universal Life Church.

Usui Reiki Master.


Shamanic background

My Shamanic Teachers and Guides have all been in the Spirit Realms, except for one wonderful Angel who in the beginning helped me to understand what was happening to me, and guided me safely onto the path I now walk. All my knowledge and healing abilities come from them, not from any academic institution or school here in the Physical World.

I did not wake up one day and say "I think I will become a shaman today". Nothing could have been further from my mind. I was "called". Meaning that one day years ago after a length of time feeling that there was something.. or someone.. trying to reach me somehow, I felt the need to try something I had never done before.

I was alone one day standing in my living room. I was alone, but I wasn't. It was like I could almost hear a whisper, but not. I finally threw up my arms and and said "What?!" I never believed in the Afterlife, I had no beliefs. But I could not ignore what I knew was something not of my making, but still very real "calling" to me. I, who had never believed in things "spiritual", knew that I needed to meditate. So, for the first time in my life I tried to meditate. And it was during this meditation, that the Spirits "took" me. I was not given a choice in the matter. I was not allowed the option of saying "No". After 3 1/2 days without any sleep, I surrendered and accepted... Nor would I ever wish to change any of it.




A Faery Chant to Humans ...

"May your eyes always be open

May your hearts overflow

That which enchants will also protect

May this you always know"


These titles do not relate to any group, institute, or school calling themselves Fae by any spelling of the word. I have been taught directly by the Fae from several different clans and individuals, especially by the High Clan known as the Tuatha de Danann. Faulty Human memory & history have changed them into gods, which they are not. The Tuatha are the Noble Clan of Faery that were also known as the Faeries of Avalon.

The term shaman itself, is meant in a generic sense, and is not to be confused with any one tribe, clan, people, region or nationality. The actual word 'shaman' comes from a tribe indigenous to Siberia, but the acts & traditions of Shamans is a global tradition. It is the ability to journey to the Spirit Realms, meet with and learn from these Spirits, that denotes the meaning of 'shaman'. It is the knowledge of being able to travel anywhere in the spirit realm and learn from these Spirits, that makes a good shaman or healer.


Taught and granted these titles by the Mayan Ancestors known as the "Grandmothers and the Guardians" . It needs to be noted here, that it used to be a very closely guarded secret, the existence of the Mayan Ancestors or their names. But, the time for secrecy is over. The Mayan Ancestors are now showing themselves. It is time for others to awaken. It is no longer an issue of the Blood. It is an issue of the Spirit. In this manner, the Maya accepted me and taught me. Although I also remember when once before I had lived among the Maya, as a Jaguar Shaman.

To read a little of what the Maya are about please follow the link at the bottom of this page




"Jennifer is an intense warrior, a great healer, and a compassionate human being. I sought her help for a spirit extraction, not knowing what to expect. Her confidence, wisdom, and kindness put me at ease. I truly feel that my life was changed that was an experience I will never forget. Jennifer radiates love, and does this work from the heart. This woman deeply cares about helping people heal".

Tracy T. -- Olympia Wa.


"My prior experiences with proclaimed 'shamans' (no matter the training or education) had left me rather disappointed in the quality of work. Having witnessed and experienced Jennifer's work, my belief has been restored. Her knowledge and wisdom, heart-centered caring, generosity in healing and gracious follow-up care could be emulated by others working in her field. Jennifer is the real deal."

Theresa J. -- Aberdeen Wa.


"I found Jennifer Sanfilippo through the Internet. We agreed to work together in person. I was a bit leery of all of this, because after all, we met over the Internet....but I can honestly say she is the real deal! After she completed her Shamanic work, she had me refocus from the super relaxed state I was in and I felt truly lighter and somehow freer. By the time she left, I felt really ready for the first time in years, to face the world. She not only helped lift a bad state from me, but educated me along the way about all kinds of spiritual was so enlightening! I not only got a great healing from a caring and wonderfully connected-to-Spirit Shaman Woman, but I got a real education as well...

"I hope that Jennifer can help anyone else who is in the kind of pain that talk-therapies cannot really get at. Her energy, spirit, absolute unwavering conviction about her connection to the other realms really gets in there and sheds light and healing in the dark places....I highly recommend her!"

Lili B. -- Manhattan, New York


"I was drawn to Jennifer in a way that's difficult to explain. I contacted her through her website and when she responded, it wasn't the words from her that drew me to meeting her - but a feeling that rang-true deep inside that told me I'd found the right person to help me with my questions and self discovery. About 6 months later, I can see now that my instincts were correct..."

Thomas S. -- Seattle Wa.


copyright © Jennifer Sanfilippo

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