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The Baking Cookies photoshoot

The idea of a magazine spread showing Madra Lord baking cookies for the Bratzanjammer Boys had been bounced around by the studio heads for months, until Miss Lord made it very clear that the domestic angle would do more damage than good for her image. After the success of Blonde Lace, Monolithic Studios decided the domestic angle WAS perfect for their newest star property Gene Marshall and put the publicity machine to work. And Gene couldn’t wait to work with these seemingly adorable boys.

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The studio assembled a group of seasoned professionals to pull off this project, which was now tagged the “Marshall Cookies” promo. Since Gene was only a few years older than the Bratzanjammer Boys the first obstacle was giving her a slightly older look. The make-up department was called in and many looks were tried and rejected, eventually they settled on a style the make-up department labeled “Model Wife”. Gene loved her new make-up and would wear variations of this look in her personal life for many years.

The next obstacle was building the perfect kitchen that would present Gene as a domestic, yet modern woman. The team decided to save time and money that a real kitchen would work best and lend a touch of authenticity. They soon discovered a bright kitchen with all the latest conveniences, not far from the studio.

Costuming was another major consideration. Even though Gene was only 18 years old she already had impeccable style, and didn’t care for any of the dresses that the team presented. But not wanting to be difficult Gene conceded to wear the yellow Gingham dress with the frilly apron that the costume designer selected. Gene had learned a lot watching the antics of Miss Lord during the filming of Blonde Lace and decided the gingham dress would be just fine for one afternoon!

With the set, costume and make-up finalized there were technical aspects to work out. Throughout her career, all of the people behind the scenes loved working with Gene because of her endless patience and interest in every detail. Because the kitchen was so small (compared to a sound stage) the lighting was especially tricky, but eventually after multiple tests every detail fell into place.

After the successful photo shoot Gene was completely exhausted and now understood why the boys were called the BRATZanjammer boys!

She telephoned her mother to say that maybe WC Fields was right!

The End