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- An April/2004 Special  Feature -

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|| Acid Rain ||

Effervescent clouds
Raining in the desolate corners 
Of my dementia
Sparkling under the crescent moon
Dancing in the twinkling orchids
Of my vividly water-colored euphoria
Tell me the secrets
Secrets that sedate
Tell me you'll rescue
Rescue me from my fate
Internally bleeding from the
Walls of my mind 
Running from insanity
Searching for things I'll never find
Hanging from the noose
Of your conformity

|| The Darkfields ||

I see the blinding light
I feel the blood rush through my veins
I feel the cold in the air
I smell the fear coming from me
I think of the past
I taste the bite in the air
I hear the voices in my head
I hear myself scream
I feel myself fall
But I don't feel it
When I hit the ground

|| My Self Crucifixion ||

Like chill of ice my wintry breath blows cold
Inside the depth of my fractured, broken being
As I kneel down before my own sacrificial altar
And I begin to crucify myself once more
In the eyes of my own monster I melt and float away
Unable to control the intensity of my thoughts
And mutilated skin of my emotions
I begin to let go of life
As I curl up alone; disheveled and rotten
I cry out, and scream as loud as my octaves will carry
Alone I sob...broken hearted and torn to irreparable pieces
I look into my own pain-filled eyes,
Only seeing a pathetic reflection of who I once was
And never will be again
As I fall apart, I reach out for death
Wondering when she will finally come to rescue me
From my own labyrinth of confusion and torture
As my body loses it's breath
And the lifeless flesh begins to peel
I am relieved; finally in Eternal Peace
On broken wings I begin to fly
And flourish in the light of the moon in full
Gazing upon the lips of eternal life 
As they swallow my sorrow
And spring forth in a rainbow of brilliant light
That falls upon me like sparkling kisses
No longer trapped, I course across the fervent crests
Of my now beautiful heart's ocean
Twinkling anew
Death has given me her radiant embrace
For now I sleep away from my nightmares
Cradled in the scent of her bosom

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