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Hello reader!

Remember that the December newsletter showed some broken images? I'd like to apologize for that to you. I had a problem with the server in which they were hosted, but now it's solved and I hope that'll never happen again (how embarrassing).

At this first month of the year, we don't have as many novelties as we had last month, but there are new articles, new images, new contributions and a new page.

The new page is the Goth Culture Timeline. On it, you can find how the culture developed through the centuries, since the first use of the name "goth" until our present time. Take a look at it here.

There are 3 new illustrations in the Image Gallery, which  are accompanied by excerpts of T.S. Eliot, John Keats and William Wordsworth.

Our articles are again a mixture of the new and the old...

In the Library section, you can find the poet Emily Dickinson's biography and all her poems for download; in the Visual Arts section there's the biography of the painter George Watts, whose symbolist pictures went beyond the achievements of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood members.

The Darklore section has an article about the Egyptian mummies. There you can learn about how the mummification was made, the most important funerary places, the legends surrounding them and more.

The Music section has the biography of a band that had a short life but left a mark in the goth rock history, Switchblade Symphony.

This month's contributions in the Stories & Poems section are of Moonlight's second part of her Eternity story, Herbert Jerry Baker's two poems and the first part of a new story by me.

I'd like to wish you a month filled with progress and a good entertainment in our site.

Your webmistress, Marion Phillips

Sunshine by Robin McKinley

This book has an interesting story. It tells how Rae Seddon (a.k.a. Sunshine), became involved in the society of the vampires and her struggle to try to have a normal life in spite of all that happens to her.

In this story, there had been a Voodoo war that destroyed most cities of the world, and which helped the vampires to get out from the shadows and take power of a good part of the planet. And they want everything, of course...

Earth still has an army called Special Other Forces and they want to get Sunshine to help them out, who's a peaceful baker in a Coffeehouse, and the daughter of a powerful sorcerer.

However, she ends up being caught first by a vampire called Beauregard and his cohorts, who chain her in the ballroom of a decript mansion, in which another vampire Constantine is also locked and being tortured with the sunlight, so that she'll be his nourishment.

But Constantine doesn't feed on her, instead he asks her to tell him stories, so that they won't lose their sanity, and she uses the powers she inherited from her father to escape the house at day with Constantine.

She tries to get back to her former life, but apart from the vampire who kidnapped her and wants to get her again, she has to worry also about the Special Other Forces who want to use her to fight in the new war that's about to happen. And for this reason, Constantine ends up keeping contact with her and taking a part in her problems.

McKinley is a writer of fantasy fiction and this is her first story involving vampires.

Dance Upon The Air by Nora Roberts

This book is part of a trilogy and this one tells the story of Nell Channing, who went to the town of Three Sisters Island in search of a new life and it also shows her attempts at overcoming her past.

This island's name comes from the legend that three sisters who were witches and were running away from the Salem trials, managed to make the island surface from the sea in the Massachusetts' coast.

In the town, Nell soon gets a job in a bookstore, whose owner Mia Devlin tries to help the newcomer and to break into the secrets that she carries. And Nell also finds a new love in the sheriff Zack Todd and a new friend in his sister Ripley, who's a police officer.

Nell finds out that she's a witch like Mia and Ripley and that her demented and possessive husband has found her and wants to get hold of her again. Using her powers and with the help of Mia and Ripley, she manages to get rid of him and to learn about the new challenge that awaits them all.

Nell, Mia and Ripley are the descendants from the three sisters who surfaced the island and who had bad relantionships and died tragically. In the next two books, the stories of Mia and Ripley will be told and also how they managed to break the pattern of life set by the witches, and saved the island from sinking.

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- Darklore:
Egyptian Mummies - how they were made, the legends involving them, the most important funerary monuments. All this and more can be found here.

- Music:
Switchblade Symphony - a two-women band that in a few years left their mark

- Library:
Emily Dickinsonif there's an original poet, she's the one. Without receiving influence from the outside world, she made some of the best poems of the English language.

- Movies:
Dead Poets Societythe story of how a gifted teacher changed the lives of several students through the words of some of the best poets of all times

- Visual Arts:
George Wattsa symbolist painter, one of the greatest geniuses of his century


- 3 new illustrations in the Image Gallery, accompanied by verses of T.S. Eliot, John Keats and William Wordsworth

- Two poems by Herbert Jerry Baker, 1st part of Marion Phillips' new story "The Eagle & The Vulture's Battle", 2nd part of Moonlight's story "Eternity" in the Stories & Poems section

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