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- August 5, 2003 - Monthly Newsletter - Issue 2 - Please Forward -

Book Review 1 - The Sitter - R. L. Stine

by Marion Phillips

It is the story of Ellie Saks who in trying to escape her boring life, decides to accept the suggestion of a friend to leave everything behind and go to the coast.

As a means to fund the parties and fun she expects to have there, she takes a job as a nanny.

But her very conventional job, reveals itself to be a frightening contact with the unknown, as her duty is to take care of Brandon, a 4 years old boy who never spoke anything but who has a very spooky laughter. 

All of a sudden she starts to receive bizarre messages and gifts, and after having her life threatened, she realizes that her only way is to find out who is doing those things and why.

To make things worse, she frequently spots the face of a young boy in the crowd, someone who died a long time ago…

Book Review 2 - Stolen: Women Of The Otherworld - Kelley Armstrong

by Marion Phillips

This novel is the sequence of the 2001 book "Bitten", a story that was bought by the Warner Bros. Studios and soon will feature Angelina Jolie as its main character.

In this book, Armstrong tells the tale of Elena Michaels, who is a werewolf and who is kidnapped into the laboratory of the billionaire Tyrone Winsloe.

In this subterranean place, beings from other species like vampires and witches are studied by scientists and those who are considered obsolete are freed and chased to death in a live video game hunt.

Armstrong gave the story a good historical background, and tried to explain the different species that there would be in a scientific way, twisting the human evolution theories to fit in the story and weaved many good action scenes. 

It's a good novel for those who can read a book only for the fun of the story.

Those who demand high quality and unconventional plots from stories should look elsewhere.

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