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- July, 5, 2003 - Monthly Newsletter - Issue 1 - Please Forward -

Book Review 1 - A Cold Heart - Jonathan Kellerman

by Marion Phillips

This is a strange, but very smart story of a psychologist and two LAPD detectives who start investigating bizarre murders in the Angels' City.

The first happens in an art gallery where the young artist that was in her first exhibition is killed brutally. The next crime is the killing of a young bluesman, and the detectives and the psychologist start putting the pieces together, which show that a serial killer is inevitably leaving a trail of corpses around.

This serial killer is an art fan, who maddened by the success of others, makes of those murders his own very personal kind of art. 

The detectives' objective is not only to stop the killer before he makes more victims, but also to avoid that the ex-girlfriend of one of them, becomes the next in the line.

This novel is the sequency of other 17 novels featuring the character psychologist Alex Delaware, which's a kind of alter-ego of the writer, as he's also a clinical psychologist. Kellerman's métier is to write sharp suspense tales in which the character's psyche is explored. 

He also wrote other kinds of books, like 3 psychology ones and even children's books. Kellerman received several literary awards and his novels have been translated to more than 24 languages.

Book Review 2 - The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown

by Marion Phillips

This story is also about a murder investigation, this time it's the murder of an old curator of the Louvre museum. Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is called to decipher an encoded message left by the victim and his research takes him to clues hidden in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Langdon, together with a French cryptologist called Sophie Neveu, finds out about a secret society called "Priory of Sion", in which the dead curator was involved and that already had many illustrious members through the centuries like Da Vinci himself, Botticelli, Isaac Newton and Victor Hugo.

They run after the murderer through Paris, London and other European cities and their only hope to solve the case and get him is to decipher the Priory's secret, which otherwise will be lost.

It's a great mystery tale, with unpredictable twists and based on a very good historical research that lets us wondering if such a secret society could have really existed.

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