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Completed Frame Sequences:

Added/Updated 8/15/2005:

  • added climbing
  • updated sprite sheet (lowered eyes, pondering, and crouching frames added)
  • by my reckoning, only running and battle actions remain

    Updated 8/14/2005:

  • hand-raising: front, rear
  • sprite sheet (closed eyes frames added)

    Added 8/13/2005:

  • panting: front/left, rear/right

    Added 8/12/2005:

  • sprite sheet
  • surprised: front, left, right
  • hand-raising: front, rear

    Added 8/11/2005:

  • head-shaking: front, rear, left, right
  • laughing: front, left, right

    Updated 8/10/2005:

  • victory

    Added 8/9/2005:

  • victory
  • nodding: front, rear, left, right

    Updated 8/8/2005:

  • walking: front

    Added 8/7/2005:

  • walking: front, rear, left, right

    Sprite Sheet

    Sprite Sheet Key
    (columns from left to right)

    top section:
  • standing still
  • walking (six frames)
  • looking left and right (two frames)
  • bowing
  • laughing (two frames)
  • eyes lowered
  • eyes closed
  • pondering
  • surprised
  • arms raised (three frames)
  • climbing (four frames)
  • victory (three frames)
  • crouching
  • panting (two frames)
  • out of HPs
  • bottom section:
  • asleep at the inn
  • save screen icon
  • "Pendant" weapon item icon
  • classic chanting poses
  • test of overworld sprite with Magus palette*
  • * I'm not sure how the palettes work for overworld sprites. This test sample was drawn using Magus's colors, and the result is less than overwhelming. None of the existing color palettes have the lovely purple color Schala really needs!

    Enlarged Animations:

    And, just for fun...

    ...a peek into the future. :)