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 Astronomy and Cosmology
 Astronomy and Cosmology


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Astronomy and Cosmology
 W o r m h o l e s @
Black holes suck in objects but -- according to Einstein's general theory of relativity that time reversal is possible -- objects that travel through black holes could theoretically be spewed out of other holes. Such holes are called white holes. The tunnels that connect black and white holes are known as wormholes.

The space-time tunnels of another world

Black holes are the final stage of a star's development. But in extraordinary times, such as the start of the Universe, wormholes could be created. If the changing nature of space and time is considered, it's better to think that wormholes appear and disappear. By thinking closely about wormholes, it's possible to understand that there is a different world to the one we live on. If we consider both these worlds as being parallel, wormholes are like a space-time tunnel that joins our world to the other.

Wormholes present time travel opportunities

Kip Sone, a relative theorist, devised a theory where wormholes could act as time machines. He believed that, according to the principles of quantum mechanics, if a space ship was strong enough to travel at something near light speed through a wormhole, time would travel backwards. By following the principles of the special theory of relativity that say time moves slower for objects traveling at the speed of light, it would be possible to travel in time.

Stephen Hawking has dismissed the possibility of creating time machines

There are a number of factors working against the theory of creating a time machine and it's better at this stage to consider its construction impossible. Stephen Hawking has often said that if the effects of quantum mechanics are considered, the construction of a time machine is not possible in the real world.
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