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St. Louis Area BookCrossing Chapter
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Purpose of Local Organization
  • To promote BookCrossing in our area.
  • To provide member support in our area.
    • Maintain official zones for members who are unable to maintain theirs.
    • Maintain official zone at group meeting location.
    • Share release techniques.
    • Share resource information, i.e. bookstore sales, library sales, etc.
    • Discuss books and bookcrossing.
    • Swap books.
    • Share other book related activities.
    • To participate in service projects such as R.I.F.
Meeting Information

It's a good idea to check on the yahoo email list for last minute details.

Where: The Commonspace

Fourth Tuesday of every month

7:30 p.m.

For minutes from past meetings click here.

Member Info

Membership is free.

All BookCrossers welcome.

We primarily serve those in the greater St. Louis area.

To see a list of some of the St. Louis Area BookCrossers, links to their Bookshelves, and reading preferences click here.

To join our group, or if you would like more information, please email me.

To join our email discussion list:

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April 17th is International BookCrossing Day!

On April 19, we will help celebrate the 2nd anniversary of BookCrossing by mass releasing copies of Mark Twain's books around the St. Louis area. For more information on this project, visit our StLBookCrossers Bookshelf.

We have our own Bookshelf

The St. Louis BookCrossing Chapter now has it's own bookshelf. This shelf will be used for registering our projects. To visit the shelf, click here.

BookCrossing Travel Bug

nyisutter has released a book as a Geocaching Travel Bug/BookCrossing hybrid. This book has specific goals on where it is to travel and be released. To see more info and follow the progress of the BookCrossing Travel Bug "Mixed Signals" click here

Bookcrossing-Turns the World into a Library

Do you have something of interest to the group to add to the "news"?
If so, email me.