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A common request asked on the Animation:Master mailing list is regarding the various keyboard shortcuts with Animation:Master. So to help users, I have compiled this list of the default keyboard shortcuts setup by Hash Inc.

If you would like printable version of the list, click here to get a PDF version created by Chris Thom. (Many thanks Chris)

Command Keyboard shortcut
Add Lock Mode SHIFT+A
Add Mode A
Back View NUM 8
Bird's Eye View NUM 7
Bone Visible J
Bones Mode F6
Bones Visible Branch Shift+J
Bottom View NUM 0
Bound B
Bound Branch SHIFT+B
Break K
Camera View NUM 1
Choreography Mode F9
Constrain-X 1
Constrain-Y 2
Constrain-Z 3
Constrain Along Spline 4
Constrain Along Intersecting Spline 5
Constrain To Perpendicular To Surface 6
Curved C
Curved Branch SHIFT+C
Decrease Subdivisions PGDN
Default 7
Detach Point SHIFT+K
Edit Mode ESC
Edit: Compliment All .
Edit: Compliment Spline ,
Edit: Copy Keyframe CTRL+C
Edit: Deselect All ENTER
Edit: Group Connected /
Edit: Paste Keyframe CTRL+V
Edit: Redo CTRL+Y
Edit: Select All CTRL+A
Edit: Snap Group To Grid '
Edit: Undo CTRL+Z
Extrude Mode E
File: Open CTRL+O
Flip Normals F
Front View NUM 2
Grid SHIFT+3
Group Mode G
Help (Buttons, Menus & Windows) SHIFT+F1
Help (Task or Command) F1
Hide CPs H
Hide More SHIFT+H
Increase Subdivisions PGUP
Insert Y
Invisible Branch SHIFT+I
Invisible Mode I
Jump To Frame CTRL+F
Lasso Draw Mode SHIFT+G
Lathe L
Left View NUM 4
Light View NUM 3
Modeling Mode F5
Move M
Move Down DOWN
Move Left LEFT
Move Right RIGHT
Move Up UP
Muscle Mode F7
Next Frame =
Next Keyframe +
Next Object TAB
Normals SHIFT+1
Onion Skin SHIFT+5
Patch Group Mode SHIFT+P
Peak P
Perspective \
Play Range END
Previous Frame -
Previous Keyframe _
Previous Object SHIFT+TAB
Project: Save CTRL+S
Render Lock Mode SHIFT+Q
Render Mode Q
Right View NUM 6
Rotate Group Images CTRL+R
Rotate Mode R
Scale Mode S
Select Deeper ]
Shaded (for selected model) X
Shaded (for current view) 9
Shaded Branch SHIFT+X
Shaded/Wireframe 0
Skeletal Mode F8
Smooth O
Toggle Backface Culling SHIFT+6
Toggle Decals CTRL+D
Toggle Interrupt SHIFT+2
Toggle Particle/Fur SHIFT+8
Tools: Options CTRL+P
Top View NUM 5
Translate Mode N
Turn T
Vector V
Vector Branch SHIFT+V
View Settings SHIFT+4
View: Community ALT+6
View: Libraries ALT+5
View: Pose Sliders ALT+4
View: Project WorkSpace ALT+1
View: Properties ALT+3
View: Refresh SPACE
View: Timeline ALT+2
Window: New Window ALT+W
Window: Tile Horizontally ALT+H
Window: Tile Vertically ALT+V
Wireframe (for selected model) W
Wireframe (fir current view) 8
Wireframe Branch SHIFT+W
Zoom Z
Zoom To Fit (Object) CTRL+SHIFT+Z
Zoom To Fit (Scene) SHIFT+Z