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Help Bring A Submarine To Springfield!

...and not just any submarine,

The U.S.S. Lapon

Featured in the N.Y. Times Bestselling book "Blind Manís Bluff: The Untold Story Of Submarine Espionage" by Sherry Sontag and the subject of a television documentary, the U.S.S. Lapon was a proud cold war warrior who stood guard to protect our country and now needs a good home here in the heart of America!

The Ozark-Runner Base of the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. along with our friends at the American Legion Post 639 on South Scenic are bringing the conning tower of the U.S.S. Lapon home to Springfield, Missouri and we need your help.

Lapon Sail Project Information

The links below have all the information about our project to bring the Lapon home to Springfield along with information on how you can help! All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated

Donations and Contact Information

Ozark-Runner Letter to NAVSEA

American Legion Letter to NAVSEA

USS Nathanael Greene Memorial Project

Click here to secure your piece of Lapon history!

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Click Here for Ozarks Maturity Article

Arrival Pictures!

American Legion Post 639 0900 12/8/4

The morning was cool and sunny and everything worked like clockwork.The only thing that SNAFU'd was the crane from Professional Equipment Movers got stuck but Tri-State Motor Transport hooked up one of their flatbeds and pulled out the crane.

Most of Springfield's TV stations were present along with Ozark's Maturity and Ozark Mountaineer Magazines. Now all we have to do is wait until warm weather and get started on the foundation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I cannot express the undying gratitude we owe to Mr. Glen Garrett of Tri-state Motor Transit in Joplin, Mo. and Professional Equipment Movers in Springfield, Mo. I have attached the phone numbers to these wonderfully supportive establishments if you feel the desire to express your gratitude as well...

Tri-state Motor Transit:1-417-621-2400
Professional Equipment Movers:1-417-864-6764

Engineering Plans

At the last meeting of the Ozark-Runner Base we were pleased to have Gary Bockman of Bockman Engineering offer their ideas for the engineering construction of the sail project. The plans were excellent and exceeded everyones expectations. Needless to say they were overwhelmingly approved by the Ozark-Runner crew present and will be used as the design for the sail. Below are pictures of the official plans for the mounting of the sail.

The Ozark-Runner Base would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Bockman and his staff for their efforts and have added the Bockman Engineering website to the list of base friends. Please feel free to e-mail Gary and thank him for his involvement or phone them at 417-877-0611.

Ozark-Runner Friends

Please take the time to visit these local companies who have been supportive of the USS Lapon Sail Project.

Tri-State Motor Transit Company

Ozarks Maturity Magazine

Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau

KSGF 1260 AM

Bockman Engineering Services, LLC

Professional Equipment Movers

Important Links

USS Lapon

American Legion Post 639

United States Submarine Veteran's Inc.

Ozark-Runner Base