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Mudd's Mt. Curs

Roy(aka:Mudd) and his dog "Trouble with the Truth"(aka:Liar)

Hi, My name is Roy L. "Mudd" Williams and I have been blessed with a wonderful wife (Val), a great daughter (marijane, aka Woogchilde or MJ) and a couple of decent OMCBA cur dogs (Liar and LA"d"Hunter)
I just started with this breed of dogs in the summer of 2001, so I'm very new to everything. Until then all my squirrel hunting was done by still hunting and I didn't go tromping around in the woods in the dark unless it was to blood trail a deer that connected with one of my arrows. I love deer hunting with longbows and selfbows but I think that is starting to take second chair to hunting with my dogs.
The curs have a rich hertiage in our country and it is a shame that they and the role they played in the pioneering of our country isn't better known. I hope to help educate the folks in this part of the country about them. I also want to help keep up a very high standard for the breed. I promise I will never intentionally breed an unproven dog.
I hope you enjoy the site, please let me know what you like or dislike. I'm not saying that I will change anything but I will think about it.
Feel free to add your link to my page and I hope you will offer the same for yours.

With all the love that is Christ Jesus Himself, God bless! R L "Mudd" Williams

LA"d"Hunter (left) and a squirrel trying to get in a hole that is too small for it (right)

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