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Sonic X-treme Product Images

Many thought Sonic X-treme was going to come out so they started making products to advertise for the game well before it was out. After the game was canceled these became rare and are all left of Sonic X-treme besides the webpage pictures and magazine articals.

Sonic X-treme Casset Player:
These are realy cool not much to say realy I don't remmeber how much mine cost but now online I read they are about $20.00.

By the way I was about 12 when I got mine and it was the last one at Best Buy by that time I had found out about it and asked my dad to buy it for me. Saddly though it is broken it got droped on the floor and is waiting to be fixed.
Sonic X-treme radio:
This is a radio. From Sonic X-treme. There thats all there is to say about it. I don't have one so there is no story. I'm Sorry. But it is pretty cool!
Sonic X-treme Ice Cream:
Well I was trying to decide if I sould put this on here or not it isn't excactly gonig to last forever.
Sonic X-treme Glow in the dark coloring book:
I don't know much on this found it on another Xonic X-treme page. but by what he said was that it is a glow in the dark coloring book on each page you would color Sonic donig a something "extreme".

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