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Are you ready to play?
The Gremlin Hunters work hard all year, helping keep CLAW free of those nasty gremlins. But even hard-working kitties need some fun. Grab a sled and come join us.

E.T.: Der mew are, don't start wiffout me.

Mewsette: I were waiting fur mew, hop on.

E.T.: Here, I'll giff it a big push and hop fast.


Levi and Scraps haff got a head start. Dey are really flying down da hill.

Levi: Oboy, dis is a purrfect hill, nice and steep!

Scraps: Hold onna me Levi, so's I don't fall off!


Woohoo, watch Simba go!!

Simba: C'mon, I'll race ya down the hill!


Phelicity and Miss Ginger don't look too sure of going down da hill.

Phelicity: Is mew sure we wants to do dis, Ginger?

Miss Ginger: Oh yes, it'll be fun! How come da sled's not moving?

Phelicity: Does we gotta jump up and down to make it go?

Miss Ginger: I think so. Let's try dat.


Maddie and Fern got a fast toboggan!

Maddie: Sit up, Fern! This is gonna be a wild ride!

Fern: Yes, it'll be fun! But I think I'll hug the bottom anyway.


Jacky: Wow, that was fast! I'm going back to the top and slide down again.

I do believe I owe dis liddle gurl a ride.

Fox, Mercury, Scully, and Spud will help you choose a sled.

When you get hungry or cold or both,
click on the hot cocoa to join us in the Ranger's Station.