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Welcome to the Gremlin Hunters' Halloween Party!

Come on in and join our group!
We are Mewsette and E.T., your fearless leaders, on the right. Tonight, for Halloween, we are Marshall Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty. The saloon girls on the left are Miss Ginger and Phelicity, our sisfurs. The Marshall might haff his paws full keeping law 'n order tonight!

We've been hanging pinatas from the ceiling, and we'll try to break them later on. We also haff a buffet here wiff plenty of good food to share. Come and meet our group, if mew dare!

Wow, what great costumes! Whoooooooo is that scary vampire? Eeeek! It's Fox, and the liddle witch next to him is Annie, his wink. Whoooooo is that ghost floatin up there? Is that Scully? Eeeek! Frankenstein! Mercury, is that mew? Wow, he's scary! Here's Spud as a scarecrow, at least he don't bite! Ernie is a cute liddle scarecrow, too. Hay, Ernie! Whooo is that flower? Who did mew say, Annie? Are mew sure? Okay, if mew are sure. Hay Ned!

Wowsers, it's Simba, the world-famous super-cat! Then Neek and Maggie are the cutest bugs. They are sisfurs of Popeye and Olive Oyl, offurwise known as Levi and Scraps. What's that mew got, Popeye? Oh. .. Mew sure it's not catnip?

Oooh, here are Maddie as a furry good? bad? witch, and Fern as a purrty princess. Wow, there's Stormy and Sylvannia as the most fanTAStic .. err, Pegasii ... errr, a strong hansum Pegasus and a purrty fairy-like Pegasus. By the way, see our dart board? Later we're gonna haf some fun ofur there, too. (we got darts.)

Hay! Whoooo let that gremlin in here? Somekitty squoosh him, quick! Wait. Oh dear. That's not one of our memfurs in costume, is it?

Woohoo, Scully floated right up and smashed the pinata! Jump in and grab some of the candy!

Please help yourself to the other treats our members brought to the party. Don't get the lollipops stuck on your fur, mewhehe.

Somethin extra from Miss Kitty and Marshall Dillon.

Okay, whoooo brought their pet spider? Miss Kitty better not find him runnin up her leg! Mewhehe!


Thank mew to all our wonderful memfurs, who made our party so much fun! Haff a great time!