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Hello everyone. The purpose of this site is to provide an avenue for classmates from Fox Senior High School, particularly the class of 1977 to stay in touch, reunite, and learn about happenings that may concern them. Please take the time to check out the site, add your information and let me know what you think, what you would like to see and what you think is necessary! Take advantage of the message board, and the real time text chat room to talk to each other.
And most importantly, pass it on!!!
Last update:Thursday, April 3, 2008


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Special Notices!

I need a copy of our Yearbook. Do you have one you are willing to part with, or know where I might get one? I have borrowed Pat Swallows' (Thanks Patty) for the last 5 years to do this website, and would really like to return it to her!

We have a new message board I am trying out also. Give it a look at C-6 Chat This is for any class at Fox OR Seckman. It does require registration, but is still FREE (my favorite word).

---Picture Archives---

I have finally scanned and posted most of the pictures from the different reunions. Check them out, and if you have any to add, let me know.
Picture Archive

Want to save on groceries? Check out this website. Angelfood Ministries. This program is not just for low income folks. Anyone can participate. It seems to be a really good deal.

Class Directory

click here
This is a place to check out yearbook pictures of your classmates, current contact and family information if they have submitted it, as well as current pictures, again, if they have been submitted
There is a form there for adding your information
Class of 1977 only please!


Michael Farson, updated 11/6/06
Cathy Friese, added 11/6/06
Mike Harper, updated 11/6/06
Dean Laster, updated 11/6/06
Beverly Lankford, added 11/6/06
Steve Long, updated 4/15/07
Jo Knight, updated 11/6/06
Skip Dale, added 11/11/06
Linda Warnell, updated 11/28/06
Bruce Miller, updated 11/28/06
Dave Topping, updated 11/30/06
Kathy Owen, updated 1/2/07
Donna Brewer, added 1/6/07
Wendell Vaught, added 1/8/07
Tony Partain, updated 1/9/07
Donna Bicknell, updated 1/19/07
Rhonda Smith, updated 5/28/07
Gary Wendt, updated 4/21/07
Denise Lewis, added 4/21/07
Susan Grzyb, updated 4/21/07
Elaine Handlang, updated 4/21/07
Kim VanLandeghem, updated 3/13/07
Denise Brower, updated 3/13/07
Gary Hoelzer, updated 3/13/07
Kim Bradley, updated 4/15/07
Linda Haldaman-Stout, added 4/15/07
Tracy Trammell, added 4/15/07
Benny Mills, added 4/15/07
Janet Richardson, added 5/28/07
Ron Fuller, added 4/21/07
Donna Pickrell, added 4/21/07
Benny Mills, added 4/21/07
Gary Mekan, added 4/25/07
Alan Franklin, added 4/25/07
Eric Paulik, updated 5/28/07
Cynthia Heath, updated 5/28/07
Judy Purdy, updated 5/28/07
Tim Groves, added 5/28/07
Alice Little, updated 5/28/07
Marc Macormic, added 6/17/07
Stan Willis, updated 6/17/07
Keith Shedron, added 6/28/07
Pat Swallow, added 6/28/07
Pam K Williams, updated 6/28/2007
Vicki Kramme, added 6/28/2007
Kim Zintel, added 7/2/07
Debbie Lueken, added 7/10/07
Robyn Close, added 7/18/07
Mark Bell, updated 7/18/07
Brenda Rush, added, 7/21/07
Linda Murdick, added, 7/28/07
Janice Lang, updated 7/30/07
Steve King, updated 8/10/07
Nancy Bates, added 8/11/07


We have a great deal of people we have not been able to find or verify adresses for. Please check out the list and see if you can help us find them! Also note, your name MAY be on this list if you have not recieved a phone call from someone during the first half of 2007. Even if we have an email address, we need to verify your physical address for mailing invitations. So please update if you have not done so in a while. Thanks!
Click Here for List


Ok everyone, several people have current pictures up now! LETS SEE SOME MORE! We are very interested to see what you look like now!
E-mail me some pics guys. thanks!!!

Alumni Business'

Are you a Fox Alumus with a business of your own? Send me the info to include on this page! If you have logos, website, or other info and I will include whatever I can! Are you looking for something? Check here to see if a fellow graduate can provide it!


Do you have a graduate this year? Let me know and I will add them to our Graduate section!


Note from webmaster: Please keep all these families in you thoughts and prayers during their time of bereavement.
Please note, that as of Jan. 1 2005, I will only be posting these for members of class of 77 or their families. It has become to much to try to find all notices for anybody from Fox. However, if you know of a notice that you think should be posted, please send me the information and I will be glad to include it for you.


Have an accomplishment, birth, honor, etc. of yours or a family member. Send me the information and I will post it here. Don't be shy! Toot your horn, or your family members!

Got news of your accomplishments or maybe someone in your family? E-mail it to me and I will make note on the site!!!

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