So. The first piece of fan fiction I ever wrote. And now I've revised it...somewhat. Most things are the same, but reading over it one day I noticed some pretty glaring problems and just couldn't let it be. It had to be revisited. Grammar's been improved and hopefully I made it flow just a little bit more. I probably could have undertaken a much more serious overhaul, but I didn't want to mess with the story too much. After all, it's my baby, my first-born. I hope you enjoy the changes (especially the naughty, dirty, pervy ones for you over-17 nasties who begged me to make this smutty). :)


Five years in the future (so in Buffytime we'd be looking at...Season Eleven) and things are a little different since Glory came to town...although not entirely. After a dream scares Buffy and brings Angel and company back to Sunnydale to help her out, lots of good stuff ensues that ties together our friends in ways that no one could possibly imagine. Bringing in old, dear friends that Joss should never have let leave the shows, you're in for a pretty major crossover here.

Rating: PG-13 throughout, except where noted. For those of you not into smut (or not old enough to read this) I provide alternate, friendly chapters that don't allow anyone to miss anything.

Timeline/Spoilers: Anything up to and including The Gift and just about anything involving Season 2 of "Angel."

Chapter One: What Lies In Dreams

Chapter Two: Every Beginning's End

Chapter Three: Never A Dull Moment

Chapter Four: Resurfacing

Chapter Five: The Chosen and The Champion

Chapter Six: The Witch and The Wolf

Chapter Seven: The Conscience and The Father

Chapter Eight: The Moments That Make You

Chapter Nine: The Visionary and The Weapon

Chapter Ten: The Heart and The Saint

Chapter Eleven: Uneasy Alliances

Chapter Twelve: Green-Eyed Monster

Chapter Thirteen: Working Out The Differences

Chapter Fourteen: Facing The Future

Chapter Fifteen: Heartache

Chapter Sixteen: The Ten

Chapter Seventeen: Forever...That's The Whole Point

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