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Tsalagi Dinitseluhisgi
- Cherokee Band -

Not State or Federally recognized.

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Not affiliated with any Tribe or Nation.

This website is for educational purposes and is used by our private group only. Any and all information and websites contained in this site are used with permission of the author. Wado... EWSD

This site is dedicated to all of our new Family Members. In it you will find Tsalagi ways, legands, and language. You will also find who the Governing Joint Council Members are, our Principal Chief, War Chief, Beloved Woman, Clan Mothers & Clan Advisors, and a description of each Clan. After reading about each Clan if you still have questions about which Clan you belong to all you have to do is ask. With the help of the Clan Mothers and Smoke and Prayers to Creator we will find your true Clan..... EWSD

Meet Joint Council

Clan Descriptions

Tsalagi Legends

Ancestry Help

Language - Words & Phrases

Native American Poetry & Prayers

Tsalagi History
Wado to Elder Little Deer for providing these words

Ceremonies and Rituals

Herbs and Medicine

Official Site of the Cherokee Nation -Tahlequah, Ok. used with permission of

Cherokee Online
used with permission of Sky

United Native America (Info for old & new Members)
Permission to link given by Cherokee Mike....

Tsalagi Foods & Recipes

Members Websites

Native American Groups

This site was researched and created by:
Wild War Eagle - Geyatahi Donawa Uwoha'li
Wolf Clan - AniWahya - White Peace Chief (Principal Chief)
Elisi White Snow Dove - Unega Unutsi Gule
Bear Clan - Clan Mother

To Email Us:

Elisi White Snow Dove

Uku Wild War Eagle

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