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Welcome to my Home on the Web!

Hi, my name is Diane and this is my home on the net. My pages will show off my dogs with their pictures because, afterall, they are my kids, stories, links covering everything from health to other personal pages and much more. The dogs and I share our home with Ndega Wazu the African Grey who likes to tell us all what to do.

On the bottom of this page are the links to all my pages. Each dog has one, there are articles and much more. Hope you enjoy your visit here.

Phoenix and Dakota are the Danes and they are half sisters. Dakota is our baby right now & I have to say a wee bit on the bullheaded side but I love her anyway.
Daisy-Dots and Cheyenne are deaf white Boxers. Both know sign language and have taken obedience classes with hearing dogs. Daisy-Dots suffers from selective visual loss at times though!
Sawyer is a white Boxer also and he can hear when he wants too. LOL.

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Also throughout my pages are more webrings! Please check them out because they will lead you to more and more pet pages, dog personal pages, rescue pages and more!

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