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Welcome! I am Mewsette and this is my furry own Poetry page! I like being a kitty poet and I am a purrty good one! I am in two poetry clubs fur cats only. So I get to write lots!
I am a memfur of Poetry Corner Guild, a purrfect and furry fun place to come and read poems about cats. Including mine!

    This was my furst Monthly Task poem.

    A New Kind of School

    If there was a school fur cats to go
    And learn about human stuff,
    It wouldn't be long before we'd know
    We already knew enough!
    What could they teach us while we're there
    Ignoring each word they said?
    Why don't they listen and let cats share
    The lessons we know instead?
    A school of purrs instead of shoving,
    Of meditation and grace,
    A school fur cats to teach them loving,
    So the world is a better place.

My Haiku

1. My heart was broken.
I lost my club and my friends.
But I found them here.

2. I was grace incarnate.
Aging goes with beauty well,
But not with grace. Ooops.

3. Ah, black velvet night!
I can reach and touch the stars...
Oh. The screen is there.

I am hafing such a good time writing poems that I am already a Level Five memfur! I was so purroud to get this! It means I haf lots and lots of points!
      A Queen Forever

      I've been a queen in my home, it's true,
      In this modern time with a peace so new
      That my quiet purring will give no clue
      To the things I know in my heart.

      But I was the Queen of the Nile in truth,
      In the golden Bastet, by sayers of sooth
      Both worshipped in age and revered in youth,
      Which were eons far apart,

      And I've been the Queen in a northern clime,
      Of the ice and fjords of an earlier time,
      From the sabre toothed of forests sublime
      To the tundra flats of tan,

      And I've been the Queen of the everglades,
      In the gnarled trunks and the columnades,
      One step ahead of the hunting raids
      That came on the heels of Man.

      And I reminisce, for so well I know
      The annals of time and the spirit's glow
      You see in my eyes, if I let it show.
      For I have been Queen of so much more
      Than a sunny window and carpeted floor;
      For I have been Queen forever.

      I haf been Queen furefur!

    This is my poem fur the "Food" poems page!


      I am an older kitty,
      Healthy, happy and wise,
      My life is purrfectly lufly
      And wonderfur in my eyes.
      Only one thing's the matter
      Since I got into my 'teens,
      Some treats I used to get often
      Don't agree wif me. Like sardines.

      Oh, lufly sardines!
      Oh, slippery sardines,
      Oh, fishy, dishy and swishy sardines!
      Why can't I haf a sardine?

      I am a pampurred kitty,
      Cared fur and loved a lot.
      I get new mousies and fuzzy toys,
      There's so much stuff I've got!
      I can haf chicken and turkey
      And steak and lambchop and fish,
      On top of my premium catfood!
      There's only one thing I wish.

      Oh, lufly sardines,
      Oh, slippery sardines,
      Oh, fishy, dishy and swishy sardines!
      I only want a sardine!

I won this award fur being the most active memfur in September! Isn't it beautifur? I am so purroud of it!
My Fall Haiku

I love the cool breeze.
Fall is here! It came last night,
Open my window!

My October Haiku

Golden October-
Burnished bright fourteen karat
Days that shine on me.

      My last poem fur Poetry Corner

      Two Furrends

      A furrend is one who encourages mew.
      I had a furrend like that,
      She was luffly and wise and true,
      Her name was BabyCat.
      She went to Rainbow Bridge in July.
      I miss her furry much.
      At thirteen, she was younger than I,
      But I was blessed by her touch.

      A furrend may be old or may be new,
      We luff them all the same.
      I made a new furrend, she's fun too,
      Smokey Amber is her name.
      And she encouraged me here a lot,
      So that I felt better then.
      Smokey, I miss you, now you've got
      To come back to me again.
As the Poetry Corner Guild closes, I haf been presented with this luffly award from them. I am furry purroud of it! Thank mew effur so, good kitties!

Thanksgiving Poems

center>Soliloquy of a Turkey

I used to be a turkey
With feathers brown and bright.
I wasn't very smart or I
Would not be here tonight.
I guess I've gone some other place,
I'm not among the living.
I used to be a turkey but
They're calling me Thanksgiving.

~by Mewsette

This is the poem I wrote fur the Older Cats Society

On Eating Turkey

The turkey is a big, fearsome bird,
Much bigger than any prey!
The best idea I efur heard
Is to eat one on Thanksgiving Day.

Then turkey becomes a meowvelous feast,
There is no other to match it.
And I am thankful, because at least
I didn't haf to catch it!

~by Mewsette

And this is the one my mother BamBam wrote:

(She gave me purrmission to put it here!)

Turkey Thoughts

I think of turkey in many ways.
To eat one seems a good plan.
Not that I see them much these days,
When I do, they come in a can.

In my youth it was my belief
I could eat the whole bird, or try to.
Now I just look and think, good grief!
That dinner weighs more than I do.

~by BamBam

And that's enough of Turkey poems fur now!

    I was looking fur another group to join last year where kitties can write poems, and I found one where they said to write a poem about the color green, fur March. But it was May. So I did not join. But I wrote the poem anyway. Cause green is my color.


      Green is the color of grass everywhere,
      Green makes a very nice tree.
      Green is the color of my true love's hair....
      No, that would be black. Pardon me.

      Green is the color of envy, we read,
      And jealousy has the same hue.
      Green for the flowers that grow from a seed....
      No, those are red, purple or blue.

      Green is the best for a cat's eyes, you know,
      I'm partial, 'cause green is for mine.
      Green is for grapes, and a green light is Go,
      And for shamrocks! Oh, I'm doing fine!

      Green is for leafy things, catnip is best.
      Green is for dollars and....slime?
      I guess if I'm fond of a color, the test
      Is whether it's good in a rhyme.

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2000 by Mewsette