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Welcome to my Buffy Music Video page!
My name is Nicole Anell and this is where I will share my odd little form of fanart with the world. All of the following are WMV files that can be played with Windows Media Player. Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email me

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SPECIAL UPDATE: It's been a long time since I've made a new video, and while I may make more in the future, it is not likely to be anytime soon. I have transferred many of my older, lower quality videos to YouTube only. If you want to download and save them for any reason, please email me and I can work something out. Any newer video updates will probably appear on my Livejournal only. Thank you for all the support!

Because I don't see a lot of vids out there for Joss's other cancelled show, I made a "Firefly" video - In Repair, centered on River. The file is slightly over 10 MB. But if you're a Firefly fan, check it out. If you've never seen Firefly, there are some DVDs you need to buy.

Update! I have a second Firefly vid now, made for the Serenity Santa project on Livejournal. It's a general vid showcasing the series and many of its characters.
Firefly (We Are All Made of Stars): download 21 MB version.

I love feedback! Contact me at

"I Can Change" - Saddam Hussein (South Park soundtrack)
File size: 21.7MB Length: 2:05

Spike is totally on the road to redemption, baby. Warning: Strong language.
Lyrics - Download: icanchange.wmv - Created: October 2005

"The More You Love Someone (The More You Want To Kill Him)" - Avenue Q
File size: 19.4MB Length: 2:19

Finally, a song that captures the beautiful love between Angel and Spike.
Lyrics - Download: ruvsomeone.wmv - Created: Summer 2005

"Walk the Walk" - Poe File size: 13.5MB (zipped) Length: 4:47

A Buffy action vid.
Download: walkthewalk.wmv - Created: February 2005

"Unsent" - Alanis Morissette File size: 18.48MB Length: 4:01

The history of Buffy's romantic life, as sung by Alanis Morissette.
Lyrics - Download: unsent.wmv - Created: January 2005

"The Fragile" - Nine Inch Nails File size: 11.7MB Length: 4:39

Angel won't let Darla fall apart. And then he kind of does. And then he goes insane.
Lyrics - Download: fragile.wmv - Created: July 2004

Puppet Angel: The Series File size: 1.41MB Length: 0:52
an alternate version of the Angel opening credits. spoilers for Smile Time
Watch: YouTube - Created: May 2004

"Sao Paolo Rain" - Tom McRae File size: 7.12MB Length: 4:23

my first - and possibly only - Buffy/Angel vid. also features Premiere/DVD prettiness
Download: saopaolo.wmv - Created: August 2003

"Save the Best For Last" - Vanessa Williams File size: 9.13 MB Length: 3:39

the Ballad of Willow and Xander. This is the first vid I made with Adobe Premiere using DVD source clips, so it's really pretty.
Lyrics - Download: savethebest.wmv - Created: July 2003

"Jackass" - Bloodhound Gang File size: 4.03 MB Length: 2:26

a humorous look at Spike. rated R for language.
Watch: YouTube - Created: July 2003

"White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane File size: 4.13 MB Length: 2:30

a salute to "Restless", in all its looking-glass acid-trippy glory
Lyrics - Download: alice.wmv - Created: July 2003

"Dreamer" - Ozzy Osbourne File size: 7.94 MB Length: 4:49

Andrew is just a dreamer, dreaming his life away... :)
Watch: YouTube - Created: March 2003

"What Would Happen" - Meredith Brooks File size: 8.54 MB Length: 5:13

a Willow/Kennedy video, mostly involving 'The Killer In Me'
Watch: YouTube - Created: February 2003

"Across the Universe" - Fiona Apple File size: 8.36 MB Length: 5:05

Buffy video, based on an idea from my mother. You're never ready for the big moments.
Watch: YouTube - Created: February 2003

"Red Right Hand" - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds File size: 10.3 MB Length: 6:18

A video for The First
Watch: YouTube - Created: February 2003

"Sweet Child o' Mine" - Sheryl Crow File size: 6.15 MB Length: 3:44

Angel & Connor video. I thought the baby was cute. Sue me.
Watch: YouTube - Created: January 2003

"Precious Illusions" - Alanis Morissette File size: 6.9 MB Length: 4:13

Anya-centric, kinda angsty Xander/Anya video
Watch: YouTube - Created: January 2003

VIDEO BY HENRIK - "Warriors of the World United" - Manowar File size: 9.82 MB Length: 6:06

an action-packed video by Henrik (visit his Simpsons site)
Lyrics - Download: wotw.wmv
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