Atongo Zimba, Africa’s fastest rising star, worked in 1996 together with K.K. Duah

Atongo and Nana Yaw Wiredu recorded it in 1996 at Kays Frequency Studio, Accra, Ghana. It recording turned out to be a 'new wave' of Ghanaian music. Roots and hip hop-like rapping. Gone were the days when Cool and the Gang or Lionel Richie dominated social functions in Ghana. Today, Atongo created his own rhythms that has gone down too well with Ghanaians and the international world.

One of the brains behind the production of this kind of music we so much love is K. K. Duah. A man who has devoted his life to music production. On the highly acclaimed Atongo MC "Combination" the Asokpo-special "Odo Ye Wu" was engineered by Dan Nettey & K.K. Duah and mixed by K. K. Duah at Kays Frequency Studio - Accra, Ghana. Like everything connected with Atongo, we found an interview with K.K. Duah in the Uneek Magazine.

QUESTION : Your business is music production. Is there anything else that Kays Frequency does?

K. K. : Apart from being a recording studio, we are also an advertising agency. Basically, what we aim at doing is to promote young musicians to match the times and international markets. We have also started working on something like Ded Buddy's kind of music. R & B, highlife, hi/hiplife. We also produce jingles for radio stations

QUESTION : What are some of the musicians you have worked with or are working with?

K. K. : Initially, we worked with NFL which took a very long time to produce. Others include Nananom, Ded Buddy and Chico Dawuni.

QUESTION : Is music production what you've always wanted to be or you 'landed' there by chance?

K. K. : No. Initially, I was at the University of Ghana to do Bio Chemistry because my father is a doctor. I then wanted to switch courses to do Pharmacy at KNUST, which didn't work out, so I ended up doing Bio Chemistry. After that, I left to do a computer course. That is when I realised my career.

QUESTION : So did your career take off while at school?

K. K. : Well, I'd say in a way. I was lucky enough to travel to London on holidays while at school. Anytime I returned, I brought back with me some musical instruments and machines for a studio. After a while, I realised that, I had enough to start a small studio and I could make some income from there. That is how it all started.

QUESTION : What do you enjoy most about your work?

K. K. : Everything. I learn something new everyday. The machines we use are all new so, everyday is a new experience with one machine or the other and I enjoy doing it all.

QUESTION : How well do you get on with the musicians that you work with?

K. K. : I think I do get along with them quite well. Apart from that, I have come to learn to respect musicians a lot. You know, most of us have the impression that, musicians are drug addicts and drop outs. I have learned from experience that they are disciplined individuals and very good at what they do.

QUESTION : Your parents. How did they take your career choice?

K. K. : My mother has been very supportive. My father approved as long as I studied alongside running the studio.

QUESTION : Do you have a family of your own. Are you married?

K. K. : No, no. I am not married. I am very single. If you give me a wife, I'd marry her...ha, ha , ha!

QUESTION : Before you realised your career, what kind of primary and secondary education had you had?

K. K. : I started nursery school in Kumasi at a school where my mother was teaching. We moved to Accra and I was enrolled at The Ridge Church School. A school dear to my heart. From there, I successfully entered "The School" (Mfantsipim). My sixth form education brought me back to Accra; Accra High School. My University education, I have already told you about.

QUESTION : Have you had any work experience apart from your studio work?

K. K. : I have done some teaching at ABS. I have also worked at SOFT.

QUESTION : Where do you see yourself in ten years from today?

K. K. : I see myself behind the desk of the Director of a very large and reputable advertising agency.

QUESTION : Tell us about your friends. Do you have time to make any?

K. K. : Apart from those in the media like Gabby and Netty, I really do not have time for socialisation.

QUESTION : Then you must have no time for leisure.

K. K. : No. For the past two to three years, I am what you would call anti-social in every sense of the word. If I have gone out, it is because my work demands that I do so.

QUESTION : You must listen to the radio at least, who is your favourite radio presenter?

K. K. : I think they are all doing well at what they do. I do not have a favourite.

QUESTION : If there is one thing you hate, what would it be?

K. K. : Bad odour, lice and 'tussing'.

The MC COMBINATION with Atongo and Nana Yaw Wiredu was recorded at Kays Frequency Studio, Accra, Ghana. Executive Producers were Nana Nyarko Ackah Yensu & Ken Addy for Q&A Productions.

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