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This picture was sent to me by Harry Obeirne close friend to William Pistenbarger. This is the man they called "Pits".Who died so that others may live on April 11, 1966.
This picture was created by Blessings, The Doc is the first of a new series of prints, this one is titled "REFLECTIONS of ANGELS AMONG US"
It was dedicated to men and women who give unselfishly of themselves to meet the needs of others.
This picture is of the painting done that was presented to William Pitsenbarger's father at the Medal of Honor ceremony December 8, 2000. The artist who painted it has both Charlie company and Pitsenbarger there during this tragic battle.
This picture is of Sgt James Robinson which was sent to me by his father before his father passed away. Jimmy was a true and dear friend to many of Charlie Company. He also died so that others may live on April 11, 1966.

Sgt. James Robinson

A1C William Pitsenbarger

Medal of Honor Ceremony for William Pitsenbarger December 8, 2000---page 1

Medal of Honor Ceremony --page 2

Medal of Honor Ceremony--pg 3

After the Medal of Honor Ceremony

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