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The Meaning of 93  

 A lot of people ask us what the signifigance of the number 93 is. The number is more than a Thelemic greeting, and it holds a far deeper meaning than most people realize. The number is created using the Kabbalistic science of Gematria, which states that words having the same number point to the same single phenomenon, or that these words are able to define each other. Using this science, the meaning of 93 is explained below.

 To begin, 93 is the Gematric value of the name of Aiwass (OIVZ), the Angel of the New Ăon, the entity who, through his wife Rose Kelly, gave Aleister Crowley the Book of the Law in April of 1904.

 93 is also the value of the greek words Love and Will, the basis of the Law of Thelema.

 The Logos (LGS), or word of the Law, also has a value of 93.

 The word of the Thelemic Magickal FormulŠ is LASHTAL. This word also has a value of 93.

  And last, but by far not the least, 93 is the number of Magick itself, and this number is one of True Will, Universal Love, and True Power.

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