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The Unofficial Guide to:
The Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire

More pictures:

Francois I enforcing justice and conquering!

The Royal Court at the Jousting field

Noble Cause jouster

A knighting of a Scotsman

The fight team

Scottish men fighting with broadswords

More fighting in the streets

Some of the Renaissance Faire staff

Bristol Visitors
See Robyn's Roost here. This is his collection of Faire pictures.

Sir William of Noble Cause

John, the King's Investigator

One of Lyon's guards reading off an arrest warrent

Le Loc-Up, the city jail at Lyon

A Renaissance Wedding

A knighting after the wedding

The Queen of Scotland bestowing honors upon the bride

Sir Rickles, the Pickle Fool

One of the fey in the Fantasy Realm

Scottish children

A few smiling faces at Faire

Belly Dancers from Aalim Dance

Wild Mountain Thyme