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The Unofficial Guide to:
The Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire

Bon Jour Madams, Mademoselles and Monsieurs! Welcome to our corner of the Renaissance. The Greater St. Louis Reansissance Faire in Wentzville is celebrating the king, Francios I, and his visit to our humble village of Lyon in the year of our Lord 1533 in France. This Faire has been in existance since 1999. This is not the official page, you can find a link to that below. This is simply a tour in pictures and some of the reasons that we love Faire. Please visit with us for a day in these pictures.

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King Francois I and Queen Eleanor!

Anne de Pisseleu

Diane de Poitiers

Diane and Catherine DeMedici
Francois I became King in 1515. He was first married to Claude in 1514, and had seven children. In 1530, he wed his second wife, Eleanor of Spain. During 1533, he is undergoing an extensive tour of his kingdom. In late May and in June of 1533, his travels took him to the village of Lyon. He is traveling with his family, including his eldest son, the Dauphin Francois II, whom is the heir apparent to the throne. He is also accompanied by his son, Henry II; and his betrothed, Catherine De Medici. Catherine De Medici came to live in the house of Francois I in 1533. The mistress of the king, Anne de Pisseleu, the Duchess d'Etampes (Miss Manners) and Diane De Poitiers, the tutor and mistress of Henry II, also accompany the court. There is animosity between Diane and Anne due to Anne being given the title of Duchess d'Etampes.

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