even more recent things.....

June 16, 2004

Hmm.. what to say... taking a summer class with Chad.Lots of reading. He got a job and started this week. I have an interview tomorrow on campus. Not sure what i would be doing yet. Spent the last two weekends at my Grandparents. Chad came down. We had little camp fires on the back porch. Roasted hot dogs and made smores. Ahh.. summertime.


No one reads this so I dont know why I'm updating it. I guess I feel like a bum for just abandoning it and not 'finishing it.' This is just some simple basic HTML. Nothing fancy. ha ha. here's a few updates:

Well, this semester I bombed everything bc I quit going to classes.Thanks to depression and oversleeping/wanting to sleep a lot. I passed an online class because I never had to go. I'm taking summer classes. Retakes of stuff I didn't pass.
Well, we broke up again before spring break. GRR!He went to Cancun. I was pretty upset about that. I went to stay with my grandparents.Hardly the same.
My mom got a DWI. One afternoon she left and took longer than she should have.Her friend was worried about her and told me, "I heard sirens..I hope that nothing happened." Well, it turned out it did. My mom ran into a telephone pole only a block from our house.She hit her head into the steering wheel.She was lucky the pole didnt fall on her.She's still drinking.She'll never stop..

Slightly older...

My mom stuff

mom went to a 60 day rehab program for her drinking out of state.of course not too long after she came back she started drinking again. Over Christmas break while I was home, she had to go to the hospital because she has been drinking so much she damaged her pancreas. They told her if she kept drinking she would die. The day she got out, her and her bf got into a fight and he left. So... she started drinking. She was calling me about it, stressing me out...

B/f stuff

Chad broke up with me at the end of the fall semester. that wasnt any fun of course. Christmas sucked. We saw each other over break and exchanged gifts. We went out places.but not all the time. chads step mom was a total bitch, one time when i called for him, she told me 'he doesnt love you! he doesnt want to marry you!' and some other things. i was really upset.
Now its spring semester and we're back at school. he's sitting here reading while i type so...more later

School stuff

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