Weird Things That Have Happened To Me

a.k.a Weird Men!

A couple years back, I ran into a guy from high school. He asked me out repeatedly. I keep telling him no but tried to be his friend. Well, he had other intentions. One night he took $350 out of his wallet and said, ďIím just going to be straight forward. Hereís $350, letís go into your room.Ē I couldnít believe it! And my mom was home in the next room. I was like NO and was really offended. Then, he took MORE money out of his wallet and offered $500. I still said NO. Finally he offered yet more; $1000.00. ( he would go to the bank) ďCome on, itís just ten minutes of your time,Ē he said. I told him no amount would get me to do that and so on and we never talked again. Can you believe that?? And then....
A few years later this older guy kept asking me out and I kept saying no. He got tired (or impatient) and offered me $250 to ďspend the nightĒ with him. How insulting and he was gross. Well, so was the other guy but anyway, I donít know why a man would think money would just make you give up your body.
I went to a movie by myself once. There was this older man sitting in front of me and he kept looking back at me. I was like, what is this guyís problem?? Well, finally I looked over and saw that the guy was playing with himself! I guess he wanted an audience. Gross. I went and got an usher and when I came back, the man was gone.
On that note, a girl friend and I were downtown, walking back to the car from a club in a busy area. There was a guy on the sidewalk next to the car. He looked over and said ďhelloĒ to us as if everything was normal when he was playing with himself! We jumped in the car fast and got out of there.
This is sick. My momís old boyfriend, who is in his forties and has two kids my age, was helping me out my first semester of college. (he paid tuition) One night I met up with him and it became clear what his intentions were. He asked me for a kiss goodbye. I never picked up on it. There were hints but I never thought he would think of me that way! But his exís daughter? Nasty.
This is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I donít know what I was thinking. I went out with a younger guy. I was almost twenty one and he was going to be seventeen the next month. Yeah, that was my first mistake. But, I was lonely and he was nice to me. I guess so... he was really fifteen!!!! He lied to me about everything! (why he didnít have a license and much more) His mom freaked out on me; I got arrested for having him out past city curfew! The cops told me his real age. People had told me he was fifteen but Mr. Sweet Talker, denied it and always made up elaborate stories. Now, a year later, he is calling me! I donít know why. I have his number on block but that doesnít work.

Thereís more but thatís all Iíll add for now. I guess some of this stuff sounds like Jerry Springer.