Age: 24
Hometown: St. Louis
School:Central Missouri State University b/c Chad had to go there
Major: psychology, school counseling
Favorite t.v. shows: Dawson's Creek, Buffy, Roswell
My family
Chad: He isn't family, he's my boyfriend. He's 22. We've been together almost three years. He's really great. I love him lots. He was gone for about five months and I was really upset about it.

Mom: We sometimes don't get along. She was emotionally and verbally abusive, and an alcoholic, 40. But now that I am gone she is different.

Dad: I don't see him a lot. He lives two hours away. We get along though. He's 41 and just about five years ago he had another daughter..

Shania: My little half sister. She is so cute. She'll be six in October. Her mother is a psycho and has drug and alcohol problems. I feel bad for her.

Grandma: We're really close. She was young when I was born and had two sons so she says I was like the daughter she never had.

Grandpa: We're close too. He can fix anything, I call him McGuyver.(The old t.v. show) Mr. Handyman. He's really awesome with cars. So is my Dad.

My fears:
Phobias: I used to be agoraphobic with panic disorder. I didn't leave the house for a little while. I cured myself. I don't have to take any xanex now. I don't have panic attacks. Feel free to ask me about these.

Death: I'm really afraid of dying. I just hate the whole package; running out of air and then what? Fading to black? I doubt heaven a lot.(even though i'm supposed to be catholic) I don't deal with the death of my family well and I am scared about the day when my Grandparents go. (I've already lost a Great Grandma and a set of Grandparents)

Other things: Spiders, bugs, heights, upside down rollercoasters, (and many other rides) airplanes, some types of water like lakes or rivers, (what's in there?! how deep is it?!) public speaking,