December 12, 2001

I really like Christmas. I decided to make a "Griswald Family Christmas Web Page." If you have seen Christmas Vacation, then you know what I am talking about.But I am not done yet!

It's finals week here at school. Yesterday was the worst day. I have a lesson plan to make up in a class. So, at work, in the lab, I spent 3 hours revising it. Then, there was no paper to print it. I made sure I saved it to disk and then it wouldn't open. (stupid macs!) So I tried the Dell and it said I had a virus. Ughh.. and it wouldn't open on my computer either and half the stuff was gone. What a joke. I fixed what I had. But I wasted a lot of time. I have to go to another final now; American Government.

Did you hear about the American who was a traitor and fought for the Taliban? They have him detained and he said that, in 'phase 3,' they were going to completely destroy the United States. This may just be a threat but it really scares me. I don't want to die. Especially like that. What is their problem?!

Can you imagine them destroying everything here? It would be like in Planet of the Apes, (the OLD one..aka the GOOD one) when civilization is destroyed and goes back to primitive times and he is on the beach..he stops and sees the top of the Statue of Liberty and realizes where he is... A whole world destroyed and reversed back to prehistoric times. Can you imagine that happening to our world? Then, in millions or thousands of years, after they have to rediscover everything over again, and invent new things, they discover 'artifacts' from us.. and they realize that 'intelligent life' used to live here... years ago...It could be a continuing circle if you think about it.. 'man becomes intelligent, discovers weapons.. and destroys all life..' and again and again...okay, that's enough.