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It's not what you build, it's how you build it.

Which project would you like to see?.
My 66 Dart Project
65 Dart Driver
55 F-100 Show-truck
Daily Progress Log
There hasn't been a whole lot of progress lately, sorry

Also, check out the projects that've
been keeping me really busy lately!

My SCCA Road Racing RX7 and Custom Roll Cages

Some other interesting links:

Spitfire Headers Pics site)
Layson's Restorations
St. Louis Region SCCA
Junkyard Turbo Message Group
MOPAX Mopar Autocross Message Group
St. Louis Region SCCA
Improved Touring Road Racing
Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

Other Cars/Sites

Todd's 1966 Chevelle Convertible
Darrens 67 Chevy II Street Pounder
feets' Twin Turbo'd 440 Belvedere

More pictures as time allows.
It's been a couple of months (ok..verging on years) since I've done anything major to the Darts,
but there should be some progress on the 66 by the beginning of fall.
Check back around late September for some new stuff!

Drop me a line! Let me know what you think of my website,
if you have any questions/comments,
or if you have any early A-body parts for sale.

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