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Thistle Book Mark

Thistle Book Mark


The original was made with six strands of DMC floss, sample was made with #10 Cebelia.


Thistle head measures 1 3/4" when made in #10 Cebelia. Stem can be whatever length you prefer.

Instructions: With shuttle and ball thread

Round Motif- R: 4-2-2-4. T. *Ch: 4-5-5-4, T. R; 4+2+2-3,T. (to 3rd p of prev R.)* Repeat from * to * 6X joining last R and Ch to 1st R and Ch. T&C.

Thistle Head- *R: 5+5(to 1st p of any Ch on round motif),T. Ch: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-, T.R: 5+5,T (to last p of same Ch on round motif).* Repeat from *to* 2X.

Stem- Attach thread to center bottom p of round motif. *R: 6-6, T. Ch: 7+,T (to p of R).* Repeat *to* for desired length. T&C leaving 5" ends.

Tassel- cut 8 threads 8". Fold in half, pass loop through last R of stem and all threads through the loop. Pull into position and trim ends even.

This pattern is Copyright 1999 by J.N.Faeih

The author assumes no responsibility for typos. If you use my pattern please be legal and put my name as author.

This pattern was printed in KNOTS! No.28


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