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Welcome to the Unnoficial Ray Lankford Fan Club Website!

This site is dedicated to Ray Lankford, one of the greatest players in baseball today. Ray, the outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, has one of the purest strokes in baseball, and can play defense as good as, if not better than any other major leaguer. He has been a consistant force in the redbird's lineup, and is without a doubt, the best all around athlete on the team.

Thats why I have created this site. To not only pay homage to my favorite player, but to give other Lankford fans a place to go to, to get all the information possible on Ray Lankford, and to also become part of the Unofficial Ray Lankford fan club.

With daily statistical updates and news, power number tote boards, and a bi-weekly newsleter, you won't miss any of Ray Lankford's happenings. Also, there will be a section for Lankford fans to post thier opinions and thoughts about our favorite player.

Scroll down to view this day's updates, or click on any of the links to view different sections of this webpage. Go down to the "mail me" icon to become part of the Ray Lankford fan club, and recieve a bi-weekly newsletter. Enjoy!

Lankford News

Here, you can find Ray Lankford's statistical line and any important news regarding Ray Lankford. It will be updated each day to keep you as informed a possible. This section will begin at the beginning of spring training, or when news and stats are first available.
-Ray finally showed up to Jupiter today, as he was the last one to arrive.

Ray's Numbers

Here, Ray's offensive statistics, such as batting average, homeruns, rbi, and steals, will be updated each day. This section will start at the beginning of the regular season. You can also click on "Ray's Career Stats" to get his complete Major League baseball statistics.

Ray's Career Stats

Redbird Report

-The Cardinals agreed to terms with Matt Morris, making Edgar Renteria the last free agent on the team.

-The Cardinals sign several players to deals today, the most notable being Alan Benes and Kent Bottenfield.

-The Cardinal Caravan kicks off today! Go and get you favoite Cardinal player's autograph. Go to Cardinal Caravan to see the schedule of time, location, and dates.

-The Cardinals have aquired some great talent this off season so far. They have picked up four good pitchers, Pat Hentgen, Andy Benes, Dave Veras and Darryl Kile. They also aquired an all-star calibur second baseman, in Fernando Vina.

The Lankford Board

Got something to say? Well, be heard here on the Lankford Board. Just e-mail me your comment or question, and I might put it up here. Please put "Lankford Board" in the subject bar.

E-mail me

The Fan Club

Joining this club will get you a bi-weekly ray Lankford newsleter to keep you informed on your favorite player. Everything from trivia and stats, to news and insight that can only be found here. Show Ray how much you appreaciate him by joining the fan club. Who knows, maybe Ray will stop by one day. To join, click on the "join" icon, and write "Lankford club" in the subject box.


I hope that by the start of the season, there will be a lot of members of the Unofficial Ray Lankford Fan Club. Right now, this site might not look like much, but by the start of the season, it will be one of the best sources for up to the minute info on the most under appreaciated player in the big leagues, Ray Lankford. This page is operated and mantained by Matt Crain.

Ray Lankford Fans