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NAR Section 505 By-Laws

Article 1. Name: The name of this organization shall be the Kansas City Association of Rocketry, Section 505 of the National Association of Rocketry.

Note: new but as yet unratified changes to the bylaws appear in blue.

Article 2. Purpose: It shall be the purpose of KCAR to

(a) aid and abet the aims and purposes of the NAR in the Kansas City area of western Missouri and northeast Kansas,

(b) to operate and maintain a model rocket range (or ranges) in accordance with the NAR Standards and Regulations,

(c) to hold meetings for the purpose of aiding and encouraging all those interested in rocketry, and

(d) to engage in other scientific, educational, or related activities as the NAR, KCAR, or the KCAR Board of Directors may from time to time deem necessary or desirable in connection with the foregoing.

Article 3. Membership:

(a) All members of KCAR shall be at least seven years of age (or supervised by an adult), and shall follow the NAR Model Rocket Safety Code and/or the NAR High Power Safety Code in all KCAR activities.
(b) He or she must stat his/her desire to be a member of the club and give his/her contact information along with his/her NAR or TRA number (if any) to the current Secretary.
(c) He or she must demonstrate basic understanding of the sport of model rocketry by safely launching a model rocket at one of the past three regularly scheduled KCAR launches or demonstrations.
(d) Membership is terminated if the member has not attended a launch nor meeting in the prior six months, and/or has not paid dues for more than one calendar year as of December 31 of the current year.
(e) A member may be removed from the rolls at their request and shall at that tie be refunded his or her pro-rated dues (if current).
(f) A member may be struck from the rolls, forfeiting dues, but a two-thirds vote of KCAR members present and voting at any regular meeting.
(g) KCAR encourages NAR membership. Any KCAR member who is a NAR member in good standing may compete for points at any NAR sanctioned meet, and may hold the office of KCAR President, Vice-President, or Secretary-Treasurer. If said member is a Senior Member of the NAR in good standing, he or she may be the Section Adviser, or act as Range Safety Officer or Launch Control Officer at a KCAR launch.
(h) Honorary memberships may be appointed at the the discretion of the board of directors, and are not counted when determining the quorum count.
Article 4. Dues: Dues shall be $12.00 per year for individual membership, and $18.00 per year for family membership. Dues are payable in January. New members who join later in the year will have their dues pro-rated for the remainder of that year. These KCAR dues are separate and distinct from national dues paid to the NAR. All dues monies shall be kept in a General Fund by the Secretary-Treasurer and shall be paid out by him or her only on order of the KCAR Board of Directors. Special assessments may be levied by a majority vote of the members present and voting at any KCAR meeting, provided notice of such intent is given in writing to each member at least five days preceding such a meeting.
Article 5. Meetings: KCAR meetings shall be held at least six (6) times per year at times and Places designated by the KCAR Board of Directors. Operation of the rocket range shall not be considered a meeting. However, this shall not prevent meetings held at the range after a launch, or while the range is closed temporarily for lunch break or weather conditions; provided notice of such a meeting is given in advance to each member. A quorum shall be the square root of the current KCAR membership, and shall include at least two members of the KCAR Board of Directors. Meetings shall be conducted and governed by "Roberts' Rules of Order, Revised"
Article 6. Board of Directors: The KCAR Board of Directors shall consist of the three officers, one member at large, and a Senior Member of the NAR who shall be designated by the NAR as Section Adviser.
Article 7. Officers: The KCAR officers shall consist of a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary - Treasurer, all of whom shall be members in good standing of KCAR and the NAR.
Article 8. Duties of Officers:

(a) President: It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all KCAR meetings, to serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, and to represent KCAR at public affairs.

(b) Vice President: It shall be the duty of the Vice President to preside at KCAR meetings in the absence of the President.

(c) Secretary - Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the Secretary - Treasurer to take minutes at all KCAR meetings, to handle all KCAR correspondence, to keep a file of all minutes and correspondence; to collect all KCAR dues, to keep records of all income and expenditures, to keep all KCAR funds safe, and to manage the purchase of equipment, etc., for KCAR upon authorization by the KCAR Board of Directors.

Article 9. Elections: Elections of officers and members of the Board of Directors shall take place at the last meeting of the calendar year. All officers and members of the Board shall serve a term of one year. Vacancies in offices and on the Board shall be filled by nomination and election of a Section 505 member to fill the un-expired term of office and shall take place at the KCAR meeting at which the vacancy is announced. Nominations for all elections shall be made from the floor, and the candidates having the largest number of votes shall be elected.
Article 10. Committees: There shall be three standing committees of KCAR, plus such additional committees as the KCAR Board of Directors may from time to time deem necessary or desirable. The standing committees are as follows:

(a) Operations committee shall be in charge of KCAR’s model rocket range (or ranges), shall monitor the experimental technical activities of the KCAR members, and shall act as Safety Inspectors. The chairman of this Committee shall be a Senior Member of the NAR in good standing and shall act as Range Safety and Control Officer under the NAR Official Standards and Regulations.

(b) Contests and Records Committee shall be in charge of all arrangements for contests and shall monitor all national record attempts by Section 505 members. The Committee shall contain at least one Leader Member of the NAR.

(c) Activities Committee shall be in charge of making all arrangements for all KCAR meetings, for conducting membership campaigns, and for carrying on public relations.

Article 11. Amendments: These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those KCAR members present and voting at any KCAR meeting, providing written notice of the pending amendment has been sent to the KCAR membership at least five days in advance of such meeting. No amendment of these By-Laws shall be in force until approved by NAR Headquarters.



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