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About the National Association of Rocketry

*       NAR was founded in 1958 and is a 501(3) non-profit educational 

*       We currently have approximately 4500 members in the USA and
about 20 foreign countries

*       The NAR is the recognized organization of model rocket consumers
in the USA. Standards for the safe manufacture and use of model rocket
motors have been developed in conjunction with the National Fire
Protection Association (NFPA)

*       The NAR's Standards and Testing Committee tests model rocket and
high power rocket motors for safety, reliability, and repeatable performance. 
The NAR is recognized (by NFPA) as one of only two testing authorities 
who may approve rocket motors for sale in the USA. In effect, it is illegal 
to sell a product as a 'Model Rocket Motor' without the 'NAR Certified' stamp.

*       There are currently over 70 chartered clubs (sections) across
the USA.   Each of our sections has at least 5 NAR members, one of whom is
a Senior member (21 years of age or older). It is our intent that NAR Sections
be long-lived organizations, not 'flash in the pan' neighborhood rocket clubs.
A number of NAR Sections trace their ancestry back 20-25 years or more.

*       The NAR provides access to an insurance program for its members,
clubs, and flying site owners at a very reasonable cost ($1 Million
liability coverage)

*       In addition to local and regional events sponsored by local
clubs, the NAR holds three major national events each year:

        NARCON - The national convention, held in late winter or early
spring, focusing on seminars on both the technical aspects of the hobby
and the organizational aspects.

        NSL - The National Sport Launch, typically held on or near
Memorial Day Weekend. 3 days of pure rocket flying. Generally held in a
place appropriate for flying larger rockets. Typical attendance: 200+
in recent years. Often 750 to 1000 rockets of all sizes and types are

        NARAM - The NAR Annual Meet, our national model rocket
championship. Has grown to a full 7-day event, with a fun-fly launch
the weekend before the flying begins for the national championship
trophies.  Also the site of the NAR's annual business meetings.
        Last year, nearly 2500 rockets were launched in 7 days. Typical
attendance: 200 or thereabouts in recent years. It's more than just a rocket
launch, it's almost like a family reunion.

Information sources about the NAR:
* Web site:
* Sport Rocketry Magazine-sold in hobby shops and some bookstores, plus distributed to members.
* Model Rocketeer newsletter-exclusively distributed to NAR members
* HQ business phone (800)262-4872 [headquarters in Altoona, WI]

written by Mark Johnson

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