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The Road To Civilization

For ages untold the people of the lands of Tenaria have been divided. The raging waters of the Vendar River have since time eteneral run through the world and divided those who lived there. In time the various peoples of each geographic area were untied, either through peace or war, and nine powerful governments ruled the divided world.

The status quo went on for eons, as each government held sway over their own lands. The common people knew nothing of other worlds, and while those in power were aware of other lands every effort that was made to visit them was thrwarted by the Vendar. Unable to build bridges over the great expanses of water and unable to construct boats that could withstand the current, the Tenarians lived an isolated existance.

That is, until the Artificers came. Nobody knows whence they come or who they are, but they brought to the lands of Tenaria the practice of magic, which had previously been unknown. In exchange for a grant of land in each Tenarian area, the Artificers set up shop and passed on the knowledge of how to mine diamonds and use their powers. The motive behind this was unclear at first, but as magic became more and more popular in Tenaria the demand outweighed the supply, and the Artificers at that point opened up a trading business to meet this newly-created need. Diamonds became common, as the Artificers seemed to have an unlimited supply to sell to those who could afford it.

And then the inevitable happened. A powerful magic was discovered by the Tenarians- one that had the power to help build bridges over the previously uncrossable Vendar. Too, mages discovered how to support the creation of Cities using magic, and through the Cities the ability to train armies to utilize the now-constructable bridges to conquer new lands. Of course, as with all things, this new magic also had a darker use- to destroy the bridges and cities of one's enemies. Word of these discoveries spread quickly throughout all of Tenaria, perhaps aided, as some suspect, by the Artificers. Indeed, the Artificers were soon appealed to by the various governments of Tenaria, and for often outrageous prices provided maps of the Known World to the Tenarians.

And so, the Tenarians are girding for war. The new magic discovered by the Tenarians is set to be turned into an offensive weapon instead of a peaceful one. Each government strives to become supreme, as, aided by magic, communications for the first time became possible between Tenarians of all creeds. Overnight, new alliances and new hatreds have formed. Soon chaos will erupt across all of the Artificers continue to watch- and to profit.

Tenaria: Road to Civilization Rules

Section 1: Who can play?

1. Tenaria is open to any players who have completed at least one WOK 5 game prior to joining.

2. The standard 2 clan members/game rule does apply.

3. The GM reserves the right to deny any player who has QUIT any previous games as he sees fit. (Note that not all players who have quit games will be denied- the GM realizes real life does exist out there!)

Section 2: Basic gameplay rules

1. Turns will run once a week, on average.

2. Bad weather and bridges will apply. Teleport will NOT be functional, nor will the 8-city rule. The OOP shall be visible every turn.

3. Players will start with 500 corn, 200 wood, and 750 gold in stock. The intial SL will be 2000.

3. All other basic gameplay rules shall be in accordance with the GMs House Rules page.

Section 3: X-Game rules

Part A: Building Cities and Bridges

1. Bridges and Cities may be constructed for the proper cost. That cost is:

Bridges: 50 wood and 150 gold

Cities: 150 wood and 300 gold

2. Cities may also be upgraded at the cost of:

Upgrade: 50 wood, 50 corn, and 100 gold

For every upgrade, the province a city is in gains +1 DEF and another 50 points is added to a players Stock Limit. As per normal rules, new cities add 500 to a players SL, as well as 0.5 permanent defense to a province (as long as the city exists, of course!)

3. All cities start at level 1, and can be upgraded to a maximum level of 5. You may not upgrade the same city more than once in a turn. You may upgrade several cities in one turn, however, just never more than 1 lvl/city. Cities may not be upgraded the turn they are built.

4. Cities and bridges may only be constructed during phase 12. The correct orders to do so are:

[CY][45]: Build a city in prov 45

[CU][45]: Upgrade the city in prov 45

[BR][4546]: Build a bridge between provinces 45 and 46.

5. Please note that no more than one city may be in a province. Also, provinces are not allowed to have more than one bridge, per standard WOK 5 gameplay rules. If two players attempt to build a bridge in the same province, the OOP shall be used to determine who succeeds.

6. Troops may only gain level in city provinces! Any attempt to use the +LEV aim outside a city shall result in said aim being replaced with a useless one.

Part B: City and Bridge Magic

1. In Tenaria, a class of magic known as City and Bridge Magic (henceforth CBM) is practiced. This magic is greatly different from normal magic in several aspects.

2. First, CBM may only be cast during round 12. CBM magic may NOT be cast in round 2 under any circumstances.

3. Second, CBM is only produced during round 12. CBM magic may NOT be created in round 10 under any circumstances.

4. Third, CBM circumvents MRES. MRES has NO effect on CBM whatsoever.

5. CBM spells will go into your SPP, and as such the total number of spells between normal magic and CBM cannot be greater than ten.

6. CBM shall conform to the normal rules of magic inasmuch as the caster of any offensive CBM spell shall be made known to the castee.

7. Normal magic is still allowed in Tenaria, but it follows normal rules in regards to casting/creation phases and MRES.

8. The following is the CBM spell list:

CITY CRUSHER (CC): -1 lvl against targeted city

Cost: 20 white/yellow diamonds + 100 gold

CITY SMASHER (CS): -2 lvl against targeted city

Cost: 20 red/green diamonds + 150 gold

CITY RAZER (CR): -3 lvl against targeted city

Cost: 15 blue/grey/black diamonds + 200 gold

BRIDGE BURNER (BB): Destroy targeted bridge

Cost: 10 of any three diamond types + 100 gold

CITY PROTECTOR (CP): Defends city against next offensive spell

Cost: 20 of any three diamond types + 150 gold

AVALANCHE (AV): Completely destroy targeted mountain city

Cost: 4 of every diamond type + 300 gold

CONFLAGARATION (CF): Completely destroy targeted forest city

Cost: 4 of every diamond type + 300 gold

EARTHQUAKE (EQ): Completely destroy targeted plains city

Cost: 4 of every diamond type + 300 gold

9. The CITY PROTECTOR spell is stackable. If fizzles the next CC, CS, or CR cast against your city, then dissapears. It does NOT stop the AV, CF, and EQ spells. However, if you stack three CPs onto one city, it becomes Indestructible (IND). IND cities may not be destroyed or harmed by any means. If a city is IND, it may no longer be upgraded.

10. If a city is reduced in level, the extra DEF and SL bonuses the upgrade provided shall be removed. If a city is reduced to level 0 it is destroyed.

11. At the bottom of every turn report, a City Report will be posted. Find an example of it here.

Protection levels are NO, YES (1), YES (2), and IND. The SL bonus is added on to the initial stock limit of 1000. Anytime a city loses levels but is not destroyed, the SL and DEF of that city will be adjusted. DEF of cities may also be destroyed by more conventional means (ie GCA/spells).

12. Creating CBM is slightly different from creating normal magic. If a spell requires 20 white/yellow diamonds, you need a combination of 20 of those diamonds. It doesn't matter if there is 10 of each, or 20 of one type, or 16 of one and 4 of the other, or anything in between. To indicate how many diamonds of each type you want to use, enter the diamond letter followed by a two digit number.

Diamond letters: White=W, Yellow=Y, Red=R, Green=N, Blue=L, Grey=G, Black=B.

Example spell: Creating City Razer using 10 blue and 5 grey diamonds.


Example 2: Creating Bridge Burner using 4 white diamonds, 5 yellow ones, and a green.


13. As the terrain-specific spells all have a set casting cost, all that is needed to create those is to enter the initials of the spell.

Example 3: Creating Avalanche.


14. Notice that there is no "standard" order length or format for these orders, as they will be run not by the WOK manager but rather by the GM. Again, all city and bridge building AND all CBM creation or casting will take place during phase 12.

15. To cast a CBM spell, simply enter the initials followed by the province number you are casting on, or in the case of BRIDGE BURNER, the two provinces the bridge connects.

Example 4: Creating City Razer on a city in province 45


16. If a CBM spell is fizzled, the caster will be made aware if the spell fizzled against a CP spell, or if it fizzled against an Indestructible city.

Part C: The Artificers

1. The Artificers are non-hostile merchants. They sell Diamonds for the right price to any willing governments. The price list is:

White: 5 gold

Yellow: 10 gold

Red: 15 gold

Green: 20 gold

Blue: 25 gold

Grey: 30 gold

Black: 50 gold

2. To trade with the Artificers, a government must control a province adjacent to one controlled by the Artificers.

3. All trading with Artificers must be done under normal marketplace rules during phase 12.

4. The Artificers will sell five of the seven diamond types each round, chosen randomly.

5. Artificers may be spied on, GCAd, attacked, etc. Anything you can do to another government, you can do to the Artificers.

6. If any hostile action is aimed at the Artificers (spies, GCAs, spells, etc), they will block trades with the offending party for three turns.

7. If a government attacks an Artificer province, the Artificers will block trades with them for the rest of the game regardless of if the attack suceeds or not.

8. In the event of a takeover of an Artificer province, a player shall come into posession of a level 3 Indestructible city.

9. Even in cases of total trade blockage, Artificers will never take any offensive action against any government.

Section 4: Storytelling

1. To help the world of Tenaria come alive, bonuses shall be awarded to any player who takes the time between turns to post on the Kaomaris boards stories about what is going on in the game. These stories can be completely internal in nature, or they can involve other governments at the players discretion. A Tenaria thread will be created by the GM to facilitate this.

2. The bonuses awarded shall be either 200 gold, 100 wood, or 50 corn. The player may choose which bonus they wish to recieve, and should include their choice at the bottom of their AOFs (in the comments section).

3. Creativity counts! Spelling counts! Good grammar counts! The GM reserves the right to withhold bonuses for stories that he deems too short or too incomprehensible.

Section 5: Victory Conditions

1. The goal of Tenaria is to be the first government to control, through counstruction and/or conquest, ten cities of any level. Alternatively, governments may enter into an alliance with another government and, combined, control fifteen cities to achieve victory.

2. Three VPs shall be awarded at the end of the game to a lone victor, or 1.5 each to shared victors.

Section 6: Reference Chart

For a reference chart to all special orders used in Tenaria, click here.