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GMC Homepage

The Game Masters Committee is the governing body for all GMs in Kaomaris

Makeup of the GMC

The GMC is made up of five members of the WOK community, elected anually by the WSC. The current members are: Dameon, Goat Herder, Saladin, Massielita, and Undertaker. In the event that a GMC member is unable to complete his term of office for any reason, the next highest vote-getter in the previous election shall fill in until the next election. The GMC has three main powers, as described below.

GMC Powers: Resolution

The first GMC power concerns the resolution of incomplete games. If a GM finds himself unable to complete a game he started, he should contact another GM to finish it for him. Failing that, he should send the most recent game files (both DAT and AOF) to the GMC, who will attempt to find a GM to complete the game for him.

If a GM simply dissapears without finishing a game and without sending any files to another GM or the GMC, then players should turn to the GMC for resolution of the unfinished game. Players should not bring this up to the GMC unless a GM has been missing with no word to anybody for a minimum of two weeks. The GMC shall request all turn reports deemed necessary and discuss the game with the players before deciding if VPs shall be awarded, and if so, how.

In unfinished games, VPs may be split up in up to three ways instead of just the traiditional two, but never more than that. Also, no more than the standard number of VPs shall be awarded for a game under any circumstance. If, for a VP distribution, the GMC determines that all players have agreed upon it and it follows the rules, the Gatekeeper will then be notified as to the decision and the game shall be officially closed.

GMC Powers: Regulation

Another power of the GMC is regulatory, and concerns the nature and duties of GMs. There are three types of GMs, and their definitions and responsibilites are as follows:

Novice GM: This is a GM who has not completed any games. These GMs are required to finish at least one game successfully before opening a new game. If they wish to open a second game before their first one is complete, they must seek permission from the GMC to do so. Novice GMs are not allowed to GM beginner games or X-Games.

Standard GM: Upon the completion of a game, a Novice GM graduates to becoming a full GM. Full GMs are the only GMs allowed to run either beginner games or X-Games, and there is no limit on how many games they can run at a time.

Probationary GM: If a GM for any reason attempts to run a game but the game fails, he will be put on probationary status. Probationary GMs will be assigned a liason from the GMC to work with them and attempt to help their next game succeed. Probationary GMs must send copies of the AOF and DAT files to their liason after every turn. Probationary GMs are not allowed to run beginner or X-Games, and may only run one game at a time, no exceptions.

GMC Powers: Investigation

In addition to resolution and regulatory powers, the GMC will also serve as the "complaint box" if any player has a problem with a GM for any reason. Please note that a player should not contact the GMC with a complaint about a GM unless he has talked to the GM in question first and attempted to resolve the problem in that fashion. Only when such an attempt fails should the GMC be contacted. The GMC has the right to investigate any claims of wrongdoing or incompetence by GMs, and take appropriate action up to putting a GM on probation if necessary. In extreme cases, the GMC may advise the revocation of a GM license to GM Al. The GMC has the power to put GMs on probation, but only Al may completely revoke a GMing license!

That covers all three major roles the GMC plays. The GMC may be contacted by emailing any of the current members, see the links at the top of this page for the addys. Happy GMing!!!