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Janet's Genealogy

Munkres Family

Munkres is all so spelled Muncus(NC), Monkers, Munkers,Monkerss

At bottom is documents I found on the family and with help of my cousin Kim Brown

William Munkers: is in the LIST OF TITHABLES FOR PITTSYLVANIA CO. Taken by John Wilson,Gentl,in year 1767

Alphabetical Rent Roll of Virginia 1704/05 (c) 1994 For more information on the early Virginia planters, consult: Wertenbaker, Thomas J., The Planters of Colonial Virginia, Russell & Russell New York, New York

Crawley Nath. York County, 1704 Crawley Robert James City County 1704 Crawley Robt. York County, 1704 Muncreef Jno Princess Anne County, 1704 (could this be our ancestor) Pendleto Henry King & Queen County, 1704 Pendleton Philip King & Queen County, 1704

William MUNCUS was born about 1720 . In 1741 Benjamin Clement, of Amelia, patented land on Sycamore Creek of Staunton River, where a few years later he made his home.(William Muncus (Pittsylvania Co.) listed as the land buyer from Halifax County.) The names of William Blevin, Richard Echols and William Muncus, three first settlers, appear on the surveyor's record at this time; also Mary, Henry and Ephriam Sizemore, one of whose patents was on Peter Mitchell's Creek, beginning at "the Roads"; and another included the place on which Ephraim lived. (Ref.THE HISTORY of PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY VIRGINIA CHAPTER III FIRST SETTLEMENT) He was listed int the tithtables of PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY VIRGINIA in 1767. He died after 22 Feb 1798 in Surry Co, NC. Probably in 1809 when his will was probated.

Old William’s Land survey from 1764 in Pittsylvania VA. from “Old Survey Book 1, 1746-1782 Pittsylvania County, Va.”, Marian Dodson Chiarito, The Clarkson Press 1988

More information William Muncus in Virginia. Send me from wonder man name Dave.

One source has a reference that I could locate easily on the map puts Wm. MUNCUS on an Island in the Staunton River near the mouth of Falling River. The junction of these two rivers is a boundary corner between HALIFAX, CAMPBELL and CHARLOTTE counties. I have not yet been able to look at many of the Halifax Co. references,but I thought you might like to see what I have uncovered so far. The number preceding each reference is my source number.

Dave are resercher:

Page 236. (See 153) HUGHES, Thomas P.; Pittsylvania County Virginia Abstract of Wills 1768-1800; Pub. by Compiler T. P. HUGHES; 4140 Cornwill ?? Av.; Memphis, TN 38117.

Page 245. added 9 Nov 2000, CHIARITO, Rebecca W.; Entry Record Book; 1730-1770 (Land entries in the present Virginia Counties of Halifax,Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin and Patrick); The Clarkton Press; Route 2; Nathalie, Virginia 24577; cr. 1984. (FFX Lib VREF 929.3755CHIA These counties were formed from the western portion of Brunswick Co. which was separated from Lunenburg Co. in 1746. This book is an entry book with the lines of property and the names of the owners. An entry for land was but a statement of intention. Ownership of land resulted from satisfying the requirements for settlement on the land.and improving it. "In November of 1730 , tax free status for a period of ten years was offered to settlers who would brave the dangers of the wilderness and make their homes there. These inducements attracted Swiss immigrants and the Germans, Quakers, and the Scotch-Irish who were then moving in great numbers from Pennsylvania." For this reason many entries were voided. The original Entry Book is in the Clerk's Office at the Pittsylvania Court House in Chatham. VA. The entries were copied from Major Drury STITHS's old Book. Words added in a different hand writing are enclosed in / slashed/s Marginal notes are show in parentheses before the entry. Words or letters underlined when in doubt. Entries "[bracketed]" which contain my initials, dlc, are my comments and not those of the author.

p. 16 (Oct 29 1745 Void +) Wm. MUNCUS enters a small Island in Stanton River opposite the mouth of Falling River p. 20 [Present Day Halifax, or Campbell, or Charlotte Cos., VA dlc]

p. 43 (JANRY.31.1746 SURV.D R. W. ) Wm. MUNCUS enters 200 acres on Childry Creek. Beg: at Abraham ECHOLL's line thence up. p. 60

p. 161 [Oct - Dec 1735 dlc] Richard LEE (Albemarle [Co VA dlc]) enters all the vacant land between Wm. MUNCUS, Abraham ECHOLS & Major BOOKERS lines between Childry Creek and Stanton [River dlc]. p. 202

p. 188 [09 Sep 1755 dlc] (Sep. 9 ) Isaac ECHOLS 200 Ac on Bull Creek joining BAY's Line. Thence up. [09 Sep 1755 dlc] Also 400 Acres on Childry's Creek joining Jos. ECHOLS Line one side & Wm. MUNCUS on the other running up p. 236

p. 210 [1762 dlc] Wm. ASHLOCK 400 Acres Adj.g. MUNCUS running on Joseph ECHOLS Lines p. 262

p. 242 [abt 16 Feb 1763 dlc] Wm. COOK 400 Acres on Childry's Creek Beg: at Wm. MUNCUSes upper line. Thence up th Creek on the Lower side. p. 301

p. 254 [11 Jan 1764 dlc] (11 th) Wm. MUNCUS 400 Acres on the branches of Sandy Creek. Beg:: at his own corner hickory. Thence along his own lines and up to STOCKES for quantity. 19 May 1780 the above entry was transferred to Sylvester ADAMS by Wm. MUNCUS order per Joshua STONE. p. 316

p. 257 [abt 16 Feb 1764 dlc] Henry BALDWIN 400 Acres land on the branches of upper Sandy Creek Beg: at Wm. MUNKAS'S lower corner. Thence along his lines and HICKEYS for quantity. p. 319

p. 325 (19th Mar. 1767) Wm. MUNCUS 400 Acres on Goblin Town Creek Beg: at an Ash at the foot of the Mountain. Thence up and down. p. 404

p. 378 (14th July) [1767 dlc] Wm. MUNCUS 400 Acres on the second fork of Fall Creek. Beg: at a Chestnut tree under the Mountain. Thence up and down. p. 470

p. 378 [4 Jul 1767 dlc] James WILSON 400 Acres on Fall Creek & Smith's River. Beg: at LOMAX'S line.. Thence down the Creek on both sides. p. 470

964. 9 Nov 2000 CHIARITO, Rebecca W.; Entry Record Book; 1770-1796; Clarkton Press; Route 2; Nathalie, Virginia 24577; ca. 1984.

p. 29 [24 Sep 1783 dlc] John STOCKTON 200 Acres on the West side of Turkey Cock Creek. Beg: at his own & MENCASES corner Red Oak. Thence each way for quantity By a Warrant assigned from Joshua STONE dated ... this Entry is void by not paying for the Warrant. p. 24

p. 41 [12 Mar 1778 dlc] Wm. MUNCUS 400 Acres between George SUTHERLAND line and John STONE line on Sandy River. Transferred to Geo. SUTHERLIN 16 Jul 1782 p. 33

p.49 [Sep 24 1783 dlc] (Sept 24) I am to find Warrants for theses Entries if paid for them) * John STOCKTON 200 Acres on the West side of Turkey Cock Creek. Beg: at his own & MENCASES corner Red Oak. Thence each way for quantity. Pr. Warrant. p. 40 [A note at the end of an entry 5 entries down said "The above six entries copied and carried to page 118." dlc]

p. 49 [Nov 1783 dlc] (Void) Daniel LOVELL & Thomas LIVESAY 1329 Acres on Smith's Mountain. Beg: at the Gap of the Mountain including the heads of Jonakin Creek by a Warrant dated 14 April 1783 No. 15492.

William MUNCUS was born about 1710 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.He Could have been born in Ireland. He died before 22 Feb 1798 in Surrey Co, NC. He was married to UNKNOWN.

UNKNOWN. William MUNCUS (1) and UNKNOWN had the following children:

*4 i.William MUNKERS.(2)

ii.Redmond MUNKRES1 was born in 1756. He died in 1776. Was a Revolutionary Soldier, who never came back. there is no information on him

iii.John MUNKRES1 was born in ca 1750 died by 1850 about 1785 he marrid Jemmina ( Jenny) Cameron, she died after 1803. John was mentioned in William (1) will.

John and Jenny children:

(a) Richard Munkir b 1786,Va Married Matlida Lynch. the had 11 children.

(b) James Munkir b 1788,NC d 1854 m Agnes Crowley

(c) Redmond Munkir b Jan 1790 d 1844 m Polly Lynch

(d) Sarah Jane Munkir b 1799 in Tn d 1869 m Isaac Lynch They had nine children. She was buried near Oak Grove, Jackson Co Mo. (e) William Munkir b 1803 in tn m Rebecca Lynch. they had 16 Children

John Muncus married 2nd time to Mary Polly Click

(2-1) George S m Elizabeth

(2-2) Eliza m Peter Taney

(2-3) Catherine

(2-4) Anna m William McCoy

(2-5) Rachel m Nathan Click

(2-6) Margaret m Wiiliam Lunglin

(2-7) Polly Ann m Westly Pierce

(2-8) Elizabeth

(2-9) Hogan

iv.Elizabeth MUNKRES4. Land Tax List 1815 - 180 acres Beaver Dam Creek, Surry Co, NC She was mention in William (1) will and was never heard of again. The wife of Old William.

William MUNCUS was born about 1720 . In 1741 Benjamin Clement, of Amelia, patented land on Sycamore Creek of Staunton River, where a few years later he made his home.(William Muncus (Pittsylvania Co.) listed as the land buyer from Halifax County.) He was a land speculator, buying land, improving upon it, then selling it. The names of William Blevin, Richard Echols and William Muncus, three first settlers, appear on the surveyor's record at this time; also Mary, Henry and Ephriam Sizemore, one of whose patents was on Peter Mitchell's Creek, beginning at "the Roads"; and another included the place on which Ephraim lived. (Ref.THE HISTORY of PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY VIRGINIA CHAPTER III FIRST SETTLEMENT) He was listed in the tithtables of PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY VIRGINIA in 1767. In 1769, there is a reference made to him in a description of where a church is located in that same county. Somewhere around 1767-76 he was listed as a land buyer from halifax Co. His will was dated Feb.22,1796, in Surry Co. North Carolina.William had 2 family's. His first wife I have no information about. His second wife was named Elizabeth. Keep in mind, He had a son named William, and almost all of his son's had son's named William. Also, they all had son's named Benjamin, who had son's named William...Maybe not that bad, but without birthdays, you can't figure out who is who. He died before 22 Feb 1798 in Surrey Co, NC

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF WILLIAM MUNCAS In the name of God amen: William Muncus of the County of Surry being very sick and weak in or in perfect health of body but or and of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die do make and order this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it as pleased God to bless me in this life I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. First I give and bequeath to my two youngest sons Elijah Muncus and Henry Muncus my lands; Elijah I give fifty on the east and more or less beginning at Philip Pritcherd corner tree and running to a steep point to the south side of the creek which I live on: I also give to my two youngest sons Elijah and Henry the hundred acre entry adjoining my old tract. Also I give to my son James Muncus a young bay horse Also I give to my son Benjamin Muncus a black horse. and each of my three dauaghters a bed apiece (Nancy, Mary, Lucy) and my son Peter Muncus is to have a horse creature out of my estate. And John Muncus one dollar and Will Muncus one dollar and Elizabeth Adams one dollar and also my three youngest sons must have a horse creature as they grow up. And the remainder of the property I leave to my wife during her widowhood and if she never marries during her life she has it. James when he comes of age has the management of the plantation as he stays with them and takes care of them and all the boys the same. When he leaves them Peter takes place and when Peter leaves then Benjamin takes place and so on till they all come of age. And I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke, and disannul all and every other former testament, wills, legacies, bequests and executors by me in any wise before named, willed and bequeathed ratified and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by William Muncus Declared by the said William Muncus as his last will and testament in the presents of us who in his presents and in the presents of each other have hereto subscribed our names, James Carty, James Smith, Hezekiah Smith. Executors Elizabeth Muncus and James Muncus. State of North Carolina Surry County, May session A.D. 1806, James Smith (one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing last will and testament of William Muncus ) make oath that he saw the said William Muncus, sign, publish and declare the same to be his last will and testament , that he was of sound mind and memory and at the same time they saw John Carty and Hezekiah Smith sign the same as witnesses to the same which was ordered to be recorded. A.J. Williams, Clerk Source: Will of William Muncus Written 22 February 1796 Proved May 1806 Surry Co., NC Book 3, Page 73

Elizabeth Adams of said will is as follows: Elizabeth Manes/Muncus m'd Elijah Adams on 15 Apr 1785 in Pittsylvania County, Va. Elijah Adams parents were Robert and Mourin (Lewis ?) Adams ( I have copy of Robert Adams will) Elijah and Elizabeth Manes Adams children:

Millicent ( Milly)m'd James Emmerson on 16 may 1809. Know one daughter name Elizabeth m'd Nathan Adams



Creed T


Click here for Adams

The two youngest were:

Elijah Muncus was m: in 1814 in Surry Co NC to Cinithia Hendrick

Henry Muncus was m : in 1812 in Surry Co NC to Jane Ramey

Now I have no idea the order;

James Muncus m Nellie Smith daughter of Wm Smith

Benjamin Muncus b before 1800

Peter Muncus was m: in 1818 Surry Co, NC to Nancy Senter

Nancy Muncus was m: in Green Co Tn

Mary (Polly) Muncus

Lucy Muncus

* William MUNKERS(2) was born in 1754/55 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He died in 1856 in Platte Co., MO. He was buried in Stanton Cem., Platte City, Platte Co., MO. He was married to Rebecca PENDLETON on 5 Feb 1795 in Washington Co., VA.

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William MUNKERS (2) and Rebecca PENDLETON had the following children:

1."Polly" Martha Mary MUNKERS1 was born on 6 Jan 1796 in Washington, , VA. She died on 12 Oct 1863 in Clay Co., MO. m Andrew Baker Baldwin

2.Mary MUNKERS1 was born in 1797 in Washington, , VA.m John Thompson

3.Benjamin Franklin MUNKERS1 was born on 17 Apr 1799 in Campbell Co., TN. He died on 17 Apr 1885 in Scio, , OR. He was buried in Miller Cem., Scio, , OR.m Mary Polly Crowley. They had 7 Children

4.Matilda MUNKERS1 was born in 1806 in Campbell Co., TN. She died in Jan 1892 in Buchanon Co., MO. m Beleuford Stanton

5.Hannah MUNKERS1 was born in 1807 in Campbell Co., TN.

6.Jane MUNKERS1 was born in 1811 in Campbell Co., TN. m Samuel Abner Hackworth

7.Mahulda MUNKERS1 was born in 1812 in Campbell Co., TN. m Ebenezer Best

*2)8.William Columbus MUNKERS(3).b 1810 d July 18, 1877 m 1st wife Margaret Coulter born 1810 in Tn and 2nd wife Minerva McKnight

9.Absalom MUNKERS was born on 10 Apr 1815 in Campbell Co., TN.d 15 Sept 1894. m Elizabeth Crockett on 18 Mar 1836 then 2nd wife Martha Ann Gee on 8 Apr 1845.

10.John MUNKERS was born in 1818 in MO.m Virginia Washington ?

CLAY COUNTY, MISSOURI Organized January 1822, population 1,200, 240 voters. Some of the merchants 1822-1830 were William Samuels & Co., Hickman& Lemme, F.P. Chouteau, a well known trader, William & Joel Estes Mill in Fishing River township. The boundaries were the state line on the north and west, Missouri River on the south and Ray County on the east. In August 1822 the election in the Fishing River township was held at the house of James Munkers, also in 1825 and 1826. The first road surveyed ran from Liberty to Bluffton (present day Camden) on the Missouri River which was the county seat of Ray County. The first Circuit Court was held March 4, 1822. One of the members of the Grand Jury was James Munkers. The first courthouse was built in 1832. In 1825 the charges on the ferry were: loaded wagon $2; empty wagon and horse $1.50’; loaded cart and team $1; a dearborn and horses or gig and horses 62 1/2 cents; man and horse 37 1/2 cents; single person 18 3/4 cents; horses, each 18 3/4 cents; sheep, hogs and cattle 3 cents each. In 1829 the estate of Archibald Holtzclaw was Jincy, a crippled slave girl, 30 years old $100; Susan, a slave 14 years old $300; Henry, a slave 13 years old $336; Jsaac, a slave 25 years old $450; George, a slave 13 years old $316; horse and side saddle $40; cow and calf $7.50; sow and five pigs $1.50; sheep, each $1; flax wheel $3; cotton wheel $3; flag-bottomed charis 50 cents each; Bible and Hymn book $1.50; skillet $1.25; a good horse $25. In 1844 Foster Means married Jemima Munkirs of one of the early families of Clay County and had a son Albert E. Squire Means was born in 1823. He was the son of Andrew and Sarah W. Means who came to Missouri in 1817, first locating in Howard County. Five years afterward they settled in Clay County where they lived until their deaths. The father was from North Carolina and the mother was a native of Virginia. In the August 1822 election some of the voters in Fishing River township were Andrew Means, Berryman Munkers, William Munkers, Richard Munkers, James Munkers, Robert McCoy and Jacob McCoy. One of the judges of the election was James Munkers (I was told that Berryman was actually Benjamin but the name wasn’t written clearly and was interpreted wrong) Erin Church located in the southeast corner of the southwest quarter of section 24 in the Fishing River township was organized on October 16, 1878 at the cost of $1,000.

*William Columbus MUNKERS was born on 10 Mar 1810 in Campbell Co., TN.2 The Notable Southern Families gives William's date of birth as 1812, other family members give it as 1814, Loleda has 1810. He was buried in 1877 in on old family farm near F.M. Rd 758, off Loop 456 S, Cherokee Co, TX (near Rusk). He died on 18 Jul 1877 in Rusk, Cherokee Co., TX.2 Loleda has 24 Aug 1877 for death date. WFT#6975 Vol.3 has date of birth 1812 and date of death after 1855 in Rusk, Cherokee Co., TX. Married Margaret COULTER was born about 1811 in TN. She died on 10 Jun 1863 in Rusk, Cherokee Co., TX.2. Margaret Coulter parents were James Coulter and Catherine Tunnell. For the Tunnell and Coulter family go to the page.

here for Coulter

William(3) and Margaret moved to Texas in the 1840's.

William and his family had settled on land in the Arkansas Territory before Arkansas became a state in 1836. The Pre-emption Act of 1830 gave thousands of squatters, who like William, had claimed the land, lived on it, improved it, but did not have legal rights to it, the opportunity to buy as much as 160 acres for as little as $1.25 an acre. William bought his property located near Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR. In 1847 he sold it and moved his family to Texas. He was married to Margaret COULTER in 1831 in Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR.3 Most information for this family comes from Thurman Monkres and from my research too.

The Arkansas Land Patents:

William Munkers own the following land

The land was near Fayeteville, Ar. 80,000 acres and 40,230 acres.

James Coulter Jr or Sr.own land near Fayeteville, Ar. 160,000 acres, 80,000 acres and 80,000 acres. Margaret father was James Coulter.


This book does not list some of the family members of the Munkers family that the family has proven to be born to the parents there are listed here. exsample: My greatgrandmother Virginia Munkres the daugther of James and Rachel Burk Munkres/Monkres. James is the son of William and Margaret Coulter Munkers. Virginia is not list as their daughter but I have 1870 Census for James and Rachel Burke Munkers and she is list as their daughter born 1866.

1. Elizabeth MUNKERS b Jan b 29 Dec 1832; in Cane Hill,Washingon Co. Ark, d 26 Feb 1901 Tyler,Tex; married Harrison Crawford Stout, son of John and Jane (Kirby) Stout ( Kirby again), 3 Feb 1848 Cane Hill, Ark(b 25 July, 1825 East Tenn.; d Aug 1894 Rusk, Tex.)and had Children b in Texas.

2.Alexander MUNKERS, was born in 1834 in Cane Hill,Washingon Co. Ark .

3.Missouri "Mollie" MONKRES was born on 25 Mar 1837 in Cane Hill,Washingon Co. Ark . She died after 1913 in Jacksonville, , TX. She was married Twice. 1st of W. Henderson Mills abt 1859 d 7 Nov 1867, and 2nd to Pat Murry abt 1872 who d bef 1913.

4.Tennessee "Tennie" MONKRES was born in 1838 in Cane Hill,Washingon Co. Ark . Lived for a mumber of years at El Dorado and d Dec 1924.1st husband was Anderson Long, 1857(d 1867) and Three children. 2nd W. Mitchell 1864(d 1870) and had one son, 3rd I. N. Langston 1871 and had two children.

5.Marium MONKRES was born about 1840 in Cane Hill,Washingon Co. Ark . Marium married a second time but the husband's name is not known. is not from the book.

6.James Henry MONKRES was born about 1842 in Cane Hill,Washingon Co. Ark He died in 1925 in OK. He was buried in 1925 in Tipton, , OK. He was married to Rachel BURKE. Rachel BURKE1 was born about 1848 in GA. She died in 1908.

7.Samuel Harris MONKRES was born on 9 Aug 1844 in Cane Hill,Washingon Co. Ark. )The Book list that Samuel was born in Russllville, Ark.) d 17 Dec 1913 Tisimingo.OK.; m'd Mattie Dunnica. dau of John and Elizabeth J (Ferguson) Dunnica, 26 Dec 1866 Rusk Co., TN(b 21 July 1848 in Cherokee Co., TX d 22 Mar 1881 Bryan , TX)

8.Robert Pope MONKRES1 was born on 7 Aug 1846 in Cane Hill,Washingon Co. Ark .3 ( The book has him born in Cneterview, Mo.) He died on 10 Oct 1937 in Centerview, , MO. m'd 1st Susie Mitchell ab 1867 Rusk, Tx d 25 Jan 1899 and 2nd ? Storms.

Robert Pope joined the Confederate Army at the age of seventeen. After the war he married and lived at Rusk, TX. Later he moved his family to Thackerville, Indian Territory, where he farmed, taught school and ran a general store. After his wife died he moved to Gainesville and then to Eldorado, OK. In 1910 he married Mary Storms, a school teacher who had two daughters. The went to Tucumcari, NM where they filed on land. When they were older they moved to Centerview, MO where he died at the age of 91. (Loleda Keller)

9.Charles William MONKRES was born on 18 Aug 1849 in TX( 18 Nov 1847 in TX.d 22 Nov 1872 in Cherokee Co.Tx. m'd Vetura Evaline Staton( I wonder if the name should be Stanton)dau of T. J. Staton and Martha (Thomason)Staton, 1867( b 6 Apr 6, 1852 near Valley Head, TX; d 20 June 1912 Jacksonville,TX.

10.Margaret "Maggie" MONKRES was born on 25 May 1853 near Jacdsonville, TX; d 17 May 1894 New Birmingham. TX. m'd Philleo Pericles Guinns, son of Robert and Sarah Jane Guinns, 20 Mar 1873 Rusk Co, TX.(b 3 Dec 1849) Philleo married 2nd to Mary Clay May 19 may 1895 New Birmingham,TX.



A) Mary b 1851 d in inf. in Nacoydocenes, TX.

B) Angela b 1854 d inf in Cherokee Co. TX.

C) William R b 8 Aug 1856; d 14 Dec 1920 Dallas,Tx. m'd Mary Basocom Jarratt 22 May 1879(b 16 July 1860 Craft,TX; d 7 Jan 1906 Craft,TX.

D) Martha Baldwin b 4 Dec 1858; d 8 Mar 1919 Mt Pleasant, TX. m'd Jefferson Earley Shook 13 July 1873( d 15 Apr 1923 Wichita Falls, TX.

E) John W Stout b 1864 d in inf.

F) Samuel Thomas b 2 Dec 1865; d 19 Dec 1891 in Tyler, TX.

G Richard Ortn b 3 Dec 1875 d 1895 m'd Ada Findley and no children

2. ALEXANDER and wife and children unknown

3. Missouri and 1st husband W. Henderson Mills children:

A) Margarte Belton b 5 Oct 1860m'd S. G. Barton, 24 Dec 1882 Cherokee Co. TX.; farmer in Brownsboro,TX.

B) Frank b 8 May 1863 in Jacksonville,TX. m'd 1st Alice Harriett ? ( d 16 Dec 1910 and 2nd Ethel Vandergriff (no children from this marriage)

C) Will b 24 Nv 1866 unmarried, of Jacksonville, TX.

Missouri and 2nd husband Pat Murry children:

D)Walter P b 25 Nov 1873 near Jacksonville,TX. m'd Mollie Causey 15 Sept 1902 near Jacksonville,TX.

E)Linnie b 6 Dec 1876 near Craft.TX; d 29 June 1879.

4 Tennessee and 1st husband Anderson Long Children:

A) William H b 1858 d 1862

B) James A b 16 July 1860 m'd Carrie West 1897 in Thackerville, Love Co., OK.

C) Charles P b 16 July 1860(twin to James)unmarried d 1913

Tennessee and W. Mitchell chidren:

D) George W b 17 Dec 1869; d 11 Mr 1902 m'd Nettle Myers abt 1890 Thackersville, Ok.

E) Bonnie E b 31 Mar 1872; d 19 Sept 1872

F) John b 21 Nov 1874;d 8 July 1909 m'd 1st Cora Rose and Cassie ?

6. James Henry MONKRES was born about 1842 in AR. He died in 1925 in OK. He was buried in 1925 in Tipton,Tillman Co , OK. He was married to Rachel BURKE. Rachel BURKE1 was born about 1848 in GA. She died in 1908.

Click here for Burk

Jim Henry served in the confederate army. there is a copy of his military file and application for penison at the Oklahoma Historical Society in Oklahoma City. The following is where James H was captured.

Battle of Stone's River at Murfreeboro,Tennessee

IN BRIEF A fierce baffle took place at Stones River between December 31, 1862 and January 2, 1863. General Bragg’s Confederates withdrew after the battle, allowing General Rosecrans and the Union army to control middle Tennessee. Although the battle was tactically indecisive, it provided a much-needed boost to the North after the defeat at Fredericksburg. Lincoln later wrote to General Rosecrans, “I can never forget [..] you gave us a hard­eamed victory, which had there been a defeat instead, the nation could scarcely have lived over. The 570-acre National Battlefield includes Stones River National Cemetery, established in 1865, with more than 6,000 Union graves; and the Hazen Monument, believed to be the oldest Civil War monument. Portions of Fortress Rosecrans, a large earthen fort constructed after the battle, still stand and are preserved and interpreted by the National Park Service. Much of the nearly 4,000-acre battlefield is in private hands.

James Henry MONKRES and Rachel BURKE had the following children:

A) Jane b

B) Virginia MONKRES1 was born 1866 in Anderson Co.TX d 1838 in Greer Co.Ok m'd 1st James M Wigington on Oct 1880 and 2nd Luther Watts in Jan 1885 Cooke Co, Tx.

C) Frank Jefferson b 1867

D) Samuel MUNKERS. b 1870 deceased.

C) Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie" MONKRES b 1872

D) Julius Pope MONKRES b 1873 at the age of 27 m'd Ethel Foster age 21 on 25 Dec 1900 in Thackerville, Ok.

E) Tennie MONKRES.(could have married John Watts)


7) Samuel Harris and Mattie Dunnies children:

A) Leona b 21 Sept 1867 Rusk,Tx od Dustin,OK m'd George M Mayes 17 Sept 1884 on Texas side of the Red River, near Thackerville,Ok.( must have been Cooke Co.TX)

B) Jane b 1869 Cherokee Co Tx. d 1 May 1891 Thackerville.Ok.m'd Boland P Edwards. D) Emma b abt 1874 Rusk Co. TX. d 13 Nov 1916 Tishmingo., Ok m'd Cage Edwards a brother to Boland.

E Redmond b 19 Mar 1877 near Jacksonville.TX. of Wichita Falls,TX m'd his cousin Bessie Guinn dau of Philleo Pericles and Margaret Ruth Monkers.

8 Robert P and Susie Mitchell Monkres children:

A) Ector b 4 Dec 1889 Cherokee Co.TX of Chickasaw,Ok m'd Emma Monroe

B) Samuel b 19 Aug 1872 Cherokee Co.,TX. of Magaret,TX m'd Eula Jones

C) William P b 25 Dec 1873 Cherokee Co.,Tx Margaret,TX. m'd Lizzie Myers

D) James b 25 May 1876 Cherokee Co.TX m'd Edith Curtis

E) Lucian b 12 Mar 1879 Cheorkee Co., TX. of Tulsa,Ok m'd Anna Jinks no children

F) Lela b 21 Mar 1881 Indian Territory,Ok. of Tulsa,Ok m'd Benn Paul

G) Buddie b 10 June 1884 Indian Territory,Ok d in inf.

H) Charles b 10 June 1884 Twin to Buddie of Margaret,TX. m'd Zula Scott

I) Lula b 28 Juley 1886 of Red Fork,Ok.

9)Charles and Vetura Staton Children:

A) Virgil Pope,Who adopted spelling of Monkress, b 1 Aug 1868 Jacksonville,TX.d 11 Nov 1921 Jacksonville,Tx.m'd Lavinia A;britton aft Dec 1913

B) son b 14 Oct 1870 d 15 June 1871

C)Charles Parlie b 17 Nov 1872 of Glendale Ca m'd 1st W. H. G, Brady and had no children and 2nd C. B.(Case)

10) Margaret and Phileo Pericles Guinn children:

A) Thomas b 24 May 1875 of Rusk,TX. m'd 1st Emma Sterling 1 Aug 1895 New Birmingham. TX ( d 14 Feb 1904 and 2nd Henry Maness Dec 1923 Rusk,TX. and no children of this marriage.

B) Tennie b 26 Oct 1876 d 28 Mar 1884

C) Bessie b 20 Apr 1880 of Wichita Falls,Tx m'd her cousin Redmond Munkers, son of Samuel Harris and Mattie(Dunnies) Monkers

D) Lula b 19 feb 1885 d 27 Spr 1886

E) Allen b 9 Feb 1888 d 1 Aug 1891

The Census of 1880 in Anderson County, Texas:

J.H. Munkres age 38

Rachel age 37

Virginia age 13

Frank Jefferson age 12

Samuel age 10

Margaret age 8

Juluis Pope age 3


One. Elizabeth Jane Monkers and Harrison Crawford Stout's ch b in Texas; (a) Mary Stout b 1851; d in inf. Nacoydocnes Co., Tex.; (b) Angela Stout b 1854; d in inf. Cherokee Co., Tex.; (c) William R. Stout b Aug. 8, 1856; d Dec. 14, 1920 Dallas, Tex (m first, Mary Bascom Jarratt May 22, 1879 (b July 16, 1860 Craft, Tex.; d Jan. 7, 1906 Craft, Tex.) and hacb ; 1, Ed Stout h N~ar. 3, 1880 Rusk, Tex. (deceased) in Kate ___ and had; (aa) Mary Stout b Jan. 4, 1906 Denison, Tex.; (ebb) Ruth Stout b Oct. 3, 1908; 2, Harry Grady &out, for a number of years on battleship “South Dakota,” m aft 1918, I of Everett, Wash. William 11. Stout m second, Eudora Burdick Feb. 20, 1907 Dallas, Tex. (b Aug. 9, 1877 WaIler Co., Tex., now of Washington, D. C.); (d) Martha Baldwin Stout b Dec 4, 185S; d Mar. 8, 1919 Mt. Pleasant, Tex. (in Jefferson Earley Shook July 13, 1873 (d Apr. 15, 1923 Wichita Falls, Tex) and had; 3, Jefferson Shook b Feb. 3, 1875 Nacoydoches, Tex, new’sdealer, Ft. Worth, Tex, m 8inia Morris June 16, 1896 Rusk, Tex., and had; (aa) Mary Kate Shook b 1899; (bb) Ear~ey M Shook b Dec. 21, 1901; 2, William Harrison Shook b Jan. 13, .1877, attorney, Ruak, Tex. m Daisy Tittle June 26, 1901 and had; (aa) W. H. Shook b June 27, 1902, unmarried, Los Angeles, Calif; (bb) John Louis Shook b May 23, 1908; (cc) Virginia Shook b Jan. 10, 1912; (dd) Samuel Philip Shook b Max. 13, 1915; 3, Wyatt Blasingaine Shook b Nov. 18, 1882 Rusk, Tex., with Hollis Post Herald, Hollis, Okla., m'd Olive Montgorn­ery Hardwick Nov. 18, 1902 and had; (aa) Hardwick Blasingame Shook b Nov. 4, 1903 Overton, Tex.; (bb) Wyatt Baldwin Shook b Nov. 9, 1906 Overton, Tex; (cc) Thomas Early Shook b Dcc. 23, 1910 Shrevesport, La.; (dd) Maynard Everett Shook b Sept. 6, 1913 Overton, Tex.; (ec) Buford Oliver Shook b Feb. 23, 1917 Shrevesport, La.; (ff) William Cameron Shook b Apr. 20, 1923 Childress, Tex.; 4) Winona Shook b Oct. 26, 1886 Batesville, Tex., of Wichita Falls, Tex., ni Milton T. Harbison July 26, 1905 Rusk, Tex. and had; (an) Milton T. Harhison, the second, b Nov. 19, 1906; d Dec. 3, 1906; (bb) Katheryne Harbison b Aug 31, 1908; (cc) Emily Eudora Harbison b Dec. 28, 1913 Pittsburg, Tex.; (dd) Robert Hardison b May 2, 1916; (ce) Edna May Warbison b Oct. 5, 1918 Arlington, Tex.; (if) Frank Harbison b Nov. 11. 1921; 5, May Shook b May 1, 1889 Jacksonville, Tex, ni Carter Hill Fitts Oct. 1907 Jacksonville, Tex. and had ch. b Ruak, Tex.; (aa) Daisy May Fitta b Sept. 11. 1908; (bb) Thomas Shook Filts b Jan. 4, 1910; (cc) James Hill Fats b JAug. 27, 1913; (dil) Herbert Mi!burn Fltts b June 15, 1917; (ee) Joseph Early Fitts b Apr. 2, 1919); (el John W. Stout b 1864; d in inf.; (f) Samuel Thomas Stout b Dec. 2, 1885; d Dec. 19, 1891 Tyler, Tex., (m and had; 1, James Bennett Stout, in charge of daily news. paper of steamship Leviathan); (g) Richard Often Stout b Dec. 3, 1875; d 1895 Ruak, Tex. (m Ada Findley and had no ehildren).

Two. Alexander Monkers 1, 1834; d In inf.

Three. Missouri Monkers and first to W. Henderson Mills had three children All b in Rusk Co., Tex.; (a) Margarte Beltan Mills b Oct. 5, 1860 (m S. G. Barton Dec. 24, 1882 Cherokee Co, Tex.; farmer Brownaboro, Tex and had; 1, Jeannette Barton 1, Oct. 23, 1883 Brownaboro, Tex., m first W. L. Darden Jan. 20, 1901 near Opelika, Tex. (d Apr. 10, 1909 near Mars, Tex.) and had ch b near Mars, Tex.; (aa) Walter Alfred Darden b Dcc. 1, 1901; (bb) Bessie Annie Darden b Oct. 15, 1903; (cc) Maggie Eliza’beth Darden I, Sept. 18, 1905; (dd) William Garrett Darden b Dec. 24, 1907; and m second, A. A. Darden, half-brother of her first husband, Apr. 19, 1913 (d Aug. 20, 1920) and had ch b near Leagueville, Tex;(ee) Frankie May Cooie Darden 1, Jan. 21, 1915; (ff) Horton Mills Darden 1, Feb. 3, 1917; (gg) Jim Darden b Aug. 28, 1920; 2, Daughter b 17 Jan 1885 near Brownaboro; d Feb. 10, 1885 near Brownsborn; 3, Minnie Lee Barton b Feb. 7, 1887 near Jacksonville, Tex., m E. L. Jordan Dec. 3, 1902 near Brownsboro, Tx. and had; (aa) Bessie Agnes Jordan b Apr. 10, 1905, m Archie B. Crawford Mar. 26, 1922 near Brownsboro, Tex and had Archie Leroy Crawford b Feb. 19. 1923; (bb) Josie Belton Jordan b Nov. 16, 1906; (cc) James Gordon Jordan 1, Oct. 25, 1908; (dd) Virgil Frank Jordan b Oct. 24, 1910; (ee) Fred Elmer Jordan b Mar. 25, 1913 (ff) Minnie Ola Jordan b May 23, 1915; (gg) Iva Edith Jordan b Apr. 26, 1917 (hh) Pearlie Frances Jordan 1, Dec. 11, 1919; (ii) Nellie Erline Jordan b May 12, 1922; (jj) daughter b Dec. 19, 1924; 4, Annie May Barton b May 20, 1889 near Jacksonville, Tex., m E. V. Fowler Feb. 2, 1913 near Brownsboro, Tx. and had ch b Murchison, Ta; (aa) Herman Wesley Fowler b May 12. 1914; (bb) Hazel Jewel Fowler b Apr. 22, 1916; (cc) Frankie Vera Fowler b Sept. 1, 1918; (dd) daughter b and d Feb. 26, 1922; (ee) Margaret Evelia Fowler b Jan.. 10, 1924; 5, Frank Mills Barton b July 11, 1893 Thackerville, OkIa., m Fannie Carver Feb. 4, 1923 near Brownaboro, Tex.); (b) Frank Mills b May 8, 1863, of Jacksonville, Tex (m first. Alice Harriett (d Dec.1.6,1910) and had second Ethel Vandergriff and had no children); (c) Will Mills b Nov. 24, 1866 unmarried, of Jacksonville, Tex.; (d) Walter P. Marry b Nov. 25 1S73 near Jacksonville, Tex. (m Mollie Causey Sept. 15, 1902 near Jacksonvlle, Tex. and Missouri and Pat Murry had; 1, Will Mi’ls Murry b July 27, 1903, m Pearl Vosick Nov. 10, 1923 Tyler, Tex.; 2, Joe Francis Pope Murry b Aug. 13, 1907; 3, Eunice Murry b Mar. 30, 1909; 4, Walter Lee Murry b May 11, 1911; 5, Goldie May Murry b July 12, 1913; 6, Dessie Belton Murry b Dee. 8, 1915); (e) Linnie Marry b Dec. 6, 1876 near Craft Tex.; d June 29, 1879.

Four. Tennessee Monkers m'd first Anderson Long's children: (a) William H. Long b 1858; d 1862; (kb) James A. Long b July 16, 1860 m Carrie West 1897 Thackervllle, Okia.); (c) Charles P. Long, twin of James A. Long, b July 16, 1860, unm. In 1913; Tennessee and second, W. Mitchell children: (d) George W. Mitchell b Dec. 17, 1869; d Mar. 11, 1902 (in Nettle Myers abt 1890 Thackersvillo, Okia. and had; 1, Jaineh Mitchell; 2, Essie Mitchell; 3, Clyde Mitchell; 4, John Mitchell); Tennessee and third, I. N. Langston. (e) Bonnie E. Langston b Mar. 31, 1872; d Sept. 19, 1872; (f) John Langston b Nov. 21, 1874; d July 8, 1909 m first, Cora Rose and had an only child; 1, Ray Langston d young; and m second, Cassie and had three children, two dying in infancy).

Five. James Henry Monkers and Rachel Burk children Rachel Burk a had; (a) Jane Monkers ?; (b) Frank Monkers ; (c) Sain Monkers, deceased; (d) Maggie Monkers; (e) J. P. Monkera; (f)Viola Monkers. The letter b should be Virginia b 1866

*1. Virginia Monkres was 14 Oct 1866 in Texas. Married 1st Mr Wigginton and 2nd Luther Texas Watts. They married on abt 1890 in Gainesville,Cooke County,Texas.Luther died on 29 Oct 1920 in Mangum,Greer County,Oklahoma. Virginia died on 26 Mar 1938 in Granite,Greer County,Oklahoma. For more information them go to Watts family page.

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2. Frank Jefferson MONKRES1 was born about 1866 near Palestine, TX.

Frank Jefferson MONKRES had the following children:

a. Lula\Lura Alice MONKRES.

b. Myrtle MONKRES.

c. Bessie MONKRES.

d. Lena MONKRES.

f. Horace MONKRES1 was born on 7 Jan 1903.2 He died in Aug 1962.2 SSDI gave no locations, but ss card was issued in Oklahoma before 1951.

g. Vera MONKRES.

h. Cecil MONKRES.

i. Ruth MONKRES1.

j. Harvey MONKRES1.

k. Minnie MONKRES.

4. Samuel MUNKERS1 was born about 1870 in TX.

Samuel MUNKERS had the following children:

a. Marietta MONKRES.

b. Jane P. MONKRES.

c.William MONKRES3. When he was

17, he worked for a farmer who had stolen a team of horses. The man accused Bill and he was convicted. He served 15 years in a penitentiary. The man confessed on hs death bed.

d. Emma MONKRES.

e. Redmand D. MONKRES was born on 19 Mar 1877. He was buried in 1944 in Jarratt Cemetery, Jacksonville, Cherokee Co., TX.3 He died on 14 Feb 1944.

5. Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie" MONKRES1 was born in Apr 1871 in TX. She died in 1952 in Bryan Co., OK.

She was married to George Marcus MAULDIN on 30 Dec 1897 in Gainesville, Cooke, TX. George Marcus MAULDIN1 was born on 9 Oct 1871 in Brickland, Prentiss Co., MS. He died on 31 Dec 1964 in Durant, Bryan Co., OK.

1 Claude L. Mauldin

2 Willie Howard Mauldin

3 Ollie F Mauldin

4 Leonard Mauldin was born in Nov 1908 in Tx d Bryan Co, Ok

5 Mary Edna Mauldin

6 Claytom Markd Mauldin

6. Julius Pope MONKRES was born about 1877 in TX. He died in 1924 in Leon, , OK. buried in Marietta,Love Co,Ok.He was married to Ethel FOSTER about 1900. Ethel FOSTER1 died in 1956 in Leon, , OK.

Julius Pope MONKRES and Ethel FOSTER had the following children:

a. Howard MONKRES.

b. Virgil MONKRES was born on 5 Nov 1902 in Thackerville, Indian Territory. He died in Feb 1966 in CA.2 SSDI gave date only, CA came from Thurman, but ss card was issued in CA before 1951.

c. James B. "Jim" MONKRES was born in 1905 in Thackerville, Indian Territory. He died in 1984 in Fort Worth, , TX.

d. Thurman W. MONKRES was born in 1907 in Manitou, , OK.

c. Maud P. MONKRES was born in 1909 in Tipton, , OK.

d. Paul H. MONKRES was born on 12 Jul 1911 in Tipton, , OK. He died in May 1985 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX.2

f. Frank MONKRES was born on 3 May 1913 in Tipton, , OK. He was buried in 1980 in Lawton, , OK. He died in Nov 1980 in Grand Saline, Van Zandt Co., TX.2 Thurman give his date of death as 1984 in Dallas, TX

g. Raymond MONKRES was born on 14 Aug 1915 in Tipton, , OK. He was buried in 1981 in Leon, , OK. He died in Mar 1981 in Marietta, Love Co., OK. SSDI says date of death 1981, Thurman says 1984.

h. Bennie/Bonnie E. MONKRES was born in 1917 in Tipton, , OK. She died in 1926 in Leon, , OK.

i. Irby MONKRES was born in 1919 in Leon, , OK.

j. Valton A. MONKRES was born in 1921 in Leon, , OK.

7. Tennie MONKRES. She was married to John WATTS.

8. Viola MONKRES. lived in Washington state 1975 She was married to Charlie MCNATT.

Six. Sainuel Harris Monkers and Mattie Dunnica Children: (a) Leona Monkers b Sept. 21, 1867 Rusk, Tex., of Dustin, Ok.. m'd George M. Mayes Sept. 17, 1884 on Texas side of Red River, near Thackerville, OkIa. and had 1, James Mayes b Nov. 16, 1886, of Dustin, Ok., m Susan Peavy Jan. 27, 1907 and had; (aa) Thelma Mayes; (bb) Arlyn Mayes; (cc) Leona Mayes; (dd) Willard Mayes; (ee) Alva Mayes; (ff) Alma Jean Mayes; 2, Maud Mayes b Mar. 5, 1891, m Newton Taff Dec. 17,1913 and had; (aa) Homer Taff; (bb) Maurice Taff; (cc) Merle Taff; (dd) Hayward Taff); (b) Jane Monkers b 1869 Cherokee Co., Tex.; d May 1, 1891 Thackerville, Ok..m Boland P. Edwards and had; 1, Robert Edwards b Apr. 30, 1890 Thackerville, Okla., who married 1913); (c) William T. Monkers b abt 1872 Kaufman Co., Tex.; unmarried; (d) Emma Monkers b abt 1874 Rusk Co., Tex.; d Nov. 13, 1916 Tishmingo, OkIa. m Cage Edwards, brother of Boland P. Edwards, at Thackerville, OkIa. (d Dec. 1918) and had; 1, Leona Edwards m Charles McSwain; 2, Lela Edwards m Fred Grimes; 3, Kate Edwards; 4, Roy Edwards; 5. Willie Edwards; 6, Maud Edwards; 7, Lloyd Edwards; 8, Charles Edwards; 9, Harold. Edwards and two others d in infancy); (e) Redmond Monkers b Mar. 19, 1877 near Jacksonville, Tex., of Wichita Falls, Tex. m his cousin, Bessie Guinn, dau of Philleo Pericles and Margaret Ruth Monkers) Guinn, Jan. 10, 1907, and had an only child; 1, Raymond D. Monkers b Aug. 26, 1909 Gainesville, Tex.)

Seven. Robert Pope Monkres amd first Susie Mitchell Robert and second Storms and had ch. by first marriage; (a) Ector Monkers b Dec. 4, 1869 Cherokee Co., Tex., of Chickasaw, Ok.. (m Emma Monroe and had; 1, Edgar Monkres; 2, WIlliam Monkres, served in the World War, wounded in service; 3, Newton Monkrea; 4, Herschel Monkres; 5, Virgie Monkres; 6, Bernice Monkres; 7, Lassie Monkres); (b) Samuel T. Monkres b Apr. 19, 1872 Cherokee Co., Tex., of Margaret, Tex. m Eula Jones and had; 1, Oney Monkres; 2, Claudie Monkres; 3, Ruby Monkres; 4, Thomas Monkres; 5, Juanita Monkres; 6, Drake Monkres; 7, Incley Monkres; 8, Charles Monkres; 9, Helen Monkres; 10, Hulen Monkres); (c) William P. Monkres b Dec. 25, 1873 Cherokee Co., Tex., of Margaret, Tex. (m Lizzie Myers and had; 1, Rena Monkres; 2, Luclan Monkrea; 8, Joe Monkres; 4, Jewell Monkres; 5, Kenneth Monkres; 6, James Monkres); (d) James Monkres b May 25, 1876 Cherokee Co., Tex., m Edith Curtis and had no children; (e) Lucian Monkres b Mar. 12, 1879 Cherokee Co., Tex., of Tulsa, Ok., m Anna Jinks and had no children; (f) Lela Monkres b Mar. 21, 1883. Indian Territory, of Tulsa, Ok. m Benn Paul and had; 1, Mabel Paul; 2, Virgil Paul); (g) Buddie Monkres b June 10, 1884 Indian Terr.; d in inf.; (h) Charles Monkres b June 10, 1884, twin with Buddle Monkres, of Margaret, Tex. m Zula Scott and had; 1, Loti Monkres; 2, Lea Monkres; 3, Ovis Monkres; 4, Weldon Monkres; 5, Lottie Monkres); (i) Lula Monkres b July 28, 1886, of Red Fork, Okia. m Lon Scagga and had no children.

Eight. Charles William Monkers and Vetura Evaline Staten, all children born in Jacksonville, Tex.; (a) Virgil Pope Monkers, who adopted spelling of Monkress.b Aug. 1, 1868 Jacksonville, Tex.; d Nov. 11, 1921 Jacksonville, Tex.(m Lavinla Albritton aft. Dec. 1918); (b) son b Oct. 14, 1870; d June 15, 1871; 8, Charlie Parlie Monkress b Nov. 17, 1872k of Glendale,Calif. (m first W. H. G. Brady and had no ch.; and second C. B. Case).

Nine. Margaret Ruth Monkers and Philleo Pericles Guinn all children were born in Rusk, Tex.; (a) Thomas Guinn b May 24, 1875, of Ruek, Tex. (m first, Emma Sterling Aug. 1, 1895 New Birmingham, Tex. (d Feb. 14, 1904) and had ch b Rusk, Tex.; 1, Willie Ruth Guinn b Aug. 20, 1896, m first Elmer Gabbert Nov.1914 Wichita Falls, Tex. (d Mar. 25, 1920 Altus, Okia.); and m second, Henry Maness Dec. 1923, Ruak, Tex. and had, no issue by either marriage; 2, Ralph Leslie Guinn b May 31, 1899, of Rusk, Tex., m Goldie Howard Oct. 4, 1920 and had; (aa) Tom Howard Guinn b Dec. 22, 1921; 3, Paul Sterling Guinn b Apr. 19, 1902, unmarried. Thomas Guinn m second Bettie Perkins 1909 and had; 4, Margaret Elizabeth Guinn b Feb. 9, 1913); (b) Tennie Guinxi b Oct 26,1876; d Mar. 28, 1884; (c) Bessie Guinn b Apr. 20, 1880 of Wichita Falls,Tex m her cousin,Redmond Monkers, son of Samuel Harris and Mattie (Dunnica) Monkers; (d) Lula Guinn b Feb 19,1885;d apr 27,1886'(e) Allie Guinn b Feb 9, 1888;d Aug 1,1891,


9. Lula\Lura Alice MONKRES was born in 1894. Thurman has Lula, WFT has Lura

She was married to Luther Cleveland HOOPER (son of William Riley HOOPER and Mary JUNIOR). Luther Cleveland HOOPER was born in 1887 in AR.4 Lula\Lura Alice MONKRES and Luther Cleveland HOOPER had the following children:

a. Lorena Myrtle HOOPER.

b. Cicero Franklin HOOPER.

c. Lowell Hollis HOOPER.

d. Harold C. HOOPER.

e. Doris Jewel HOOPER.

f. Roy Merele HOOPER.

g. Tommy HOOPER. died young

h. Luther Ewell HOOPER.

i. Thema Jo HOOPER.

10. Myrtle MONKRES. She was married to HILL.

11. Bessie MONKRES. m ? Steward

12. Lena MONKRES. m ? White

14. Vera MONKRES m ? Patterson

15. Cecil MONKRES m ? Raley

18. Minnie MONKRES m ? Mahaffey

24. Claude L. MAULDIN was born in Oct 1898 in Indian Territory. He was married to Dell BROWN.

25. Willie Howard MAULDIN was born on 20 Sep 1903 in Indian Territory. He died in May 1982 in Callisburg, Cooke Co, TX. He was married to Mabel JONES. Mabel JONES was born about 1916.

26. Ollie F. MAULDIN was born in Aug 1906 in Gainesville, Cooke, TX. She died in Jacksonville, Cherokee Co., Tx. She was married to B.E. GATES.

28. Mary Edna MAULDIN was born on 12 Sep 1900 in Gainesville, Cooke, TX. She died in Bridgeport, Caddo Co., OK. She was married to W.C. MASHANEY.

29. Clayton Mark MAULDIN was born on 19 Jan 1912 in Gainesville, Cooke, TX. He died on 4 Sep 1980 in Durant, Bryan Co., OK. He was married to Eunice lawayne DOLLAR. Eunice lawayne DOLLAR was born on 16 Jan 1917. She died on 22 Jun 1971 in Durant, Bryan Co., OK. He was married to Charlene between 1972 and 1980 in Bryan Co., OK.

30. Howard MONKRES was born on 1 Feb 1901 in Addington Bend, Thackerville, Indian Territory. He died on 11 May 1987 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. He was married to Osie Lena FORKNER. Osie Lena FORKNER was born on 2 Apr 1899 in Leon, I.T. (OK). She died on 25 Aug 1972. Howard MONKRES and Osie Lena FORKNER had the following children:

a. Howard Benton MONKRES was born on 7 Oct 1924. He was buried in 1978 in Ft. Worth, Ft. Worth Co., TX.3 He died on 15 Mar 1978.

b. James Edward MONKRES was born on 28 Aug 1926. He was buried in 1937 in Bowie, , TX.3 He died on 24 Apr 1937.

c. Thurman Eugene "Gene" MONKRES.

d. Harold Dale MONKRES was born on 7 Feb 1930. He was buried in 1995 in Ft. Worth, Ft. Worth Co., TX.3 He died on 10 May 1995.

e. Bobby Joe MONKRES was born on 30 May 1932.

f. Oneida Voncille MONKRES was born on 11 Feb 1934.

g. Kenneth Ray MONKRES was born on 28 Jan 1936. He was buried in 1988 in Leon, , OK.3 He died on 31 May 1988.

h. Dalton Keith MONKRES was born on 16 May 1938. He was buried in 1940 in Leon, , OK.3 He died on 7 Jul 1940.

i. Jack Douglas MONKRES was born on 31 Oct 1939. He was buried in 1996 in Leon, , OK.3 He died on 28 Jun 1996.

j. Billy Wayne MONKRES was born on 7 Dec 1941.


52. Thurman Eugene "Gene" MONKRES was born on 7 May 1928 in Leon, , OK.He was married to Ruth Marie WILSON. Ruth Marie WILSON was born on 8 Sep 1929 in Harlingen, , TX. She was buried in 1970 in Fairview Cemetery, Santa Ana, , CA.3 She died on 3 Sep 1970 in Tustin, CA. Thurman Eugene "Gene" MONKRES and Ruth Marie WILSON had the following children:

a. Loretta Von MONKRES was born on 5 Dec 1952 in Ft. Worth, Ft. Worth Co., TX.

b. Karen Jean MONKRES was born on 7 Apr 1954 in Ft. Worth, Ft. Worth Co., TX.He was married to Georgia Joyce HAMILTON on 12 May 1984 in Lover's Lane Methodist Church, Dallas, , TX.3 Georgia Joyce HAMILTON was born on 24 Nov 1931 in Coke Co., TX.

In Marietta,Love County,Oklahoma Cemetery the following is found:

Monkers,Bonnie May- 25 Jun 1917- 13 Dec 1927

Mokners, Buddy- 10 Jun 1884-14 Jun 1884

Monkers, James B- 4 Jul 1905-30 Jun 1979

Monkers, Julus- 25 Mar 1877-19 Feb 1925

Monkers,Mattie E 25 Mar 1870-16 Jul 1832

Monkers,Osie-2 Apr 1899- 25 Aug 1972

Monkres, Raymond, 1916-1981

Monkres, W 10 Jun 1884- 20 Oct 1955

Monkres,Herman L - 6 Nov 1928- 30 Nov 1994


William Muncus; 1 w/m over 16; 3 w/m under 16; 3 w/f


Name; Muncus, William Co. 092; Date 1806; Recorded Copy, WB-3/73; Orginal AR;


Munkres,William; Clay Co.;012;No T

Munkres,Rodman; Buch;165; PLAT

Munkres, James; Clay;010;No T

Munkres Redmond; Clay;005;No T


Munkers, William; Clay; 317; Liberty also list as Munkres, William Sr

Munkres:Munkus; Agnes. Elizabeth;Harvey;McNard;Lafayette;Maricn;Martha;Melvin;Richard. There was a Welsen Munkes there too. These people were note twice.

Munkres, William ; Plat; 360 Lee Twp.


1840 Washington Co Ar

Wm Munkers; w/m 20-30 years=2;w/f under 5 years=2;w/f 05-10 years= 1 and w/f 20-30 years=1

James Coulter; w/m/ 10-15 years=1;w/m 20-30 years=1;w/m 30-40 years=1 w/f 15-20=1 and w/f 20-30=1.


Munkers,Wm; 40; M farmer 1,200 b TN

Munkers, Margaret; 40 F born TN

Munkers, Missouri A; 13 F born AR

Munkers, Marium T; 10 F born AR

Munkers, James H; 8 M born Ms

Munkers, Samuel H 7 M born AR

Munkers,Robert P 3 M born AR

Munkers, Charles W 1 M TX.

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