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Eastern Orthodox Holy Icons

Managed by an Orthodox Priest, this is a site where you can download and keep Eastern Orthodox Religious Icons! In Orthodoxy, Icons are called "Windows to Heaven" because they offer us a glimpse of that which awaits us in eternity with Christ. I have selected Icons representing the various traditions and jurisdictions of Orthodoxy as there are many. These Icons here are taken from the public domain. If any are found to be from private collections, please contact the author and they will be removed at once. The banners on this page generate NO REVENUE whatsoever. They merely advertise the site to other Christian sites for free.

Pray For Priests, Seminarians and Nuns!!

Pray for Priests, Seminarians and Nuns!

Pray For The Faithful Departed!

This site is in Memory of Louis Kokoros.

Please pray for Christian Unity.

How To Download

To download these Icons, simply select an Icon, then click on your right mouse button over the Icon and then select "SAVE AS"
Chose the directory where you wish the Icon stored on your computer. Select "OK" . Comments? Use my E-Mail Address below. To go on to "Page Two" for more Icons, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Holy Icons

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