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- Dr. Seuss


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Sometimes that's what it's like.

Hi. I'm Kati, the webmistress around here. I'm also Sophie's Mommy and a pre-med student, a senior who changed from a major in French with 21 hours shy of a B.A.. This means I have about three (or four) more years of undergrad in addition to the 4 years I've finished. When that's done, I'll be going to osteopathy school. After that I plan on being one of those doctors that tries to change the system and make the HMOs stop being so evil.

I have lots of fun stuff for you to see and do here. I've separated things into convenient categories to make it easy to get around, but it still might take you a while to see everything, so why not just add me to your Favorites list?! You definitely should. Be sure not to miss the message board where you can add your thoughts on some interesting and controversial topics. I've also got my journal here, because I like everyone to know what I'm thinking. Hee hee. I've also added some great (and secure) shopping in my boutique and my bookstore. Do check it out, and please sign my guestbook.

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