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My name is Rune Dhyn and I am, to the best of my knowledge, a Welsh gypsy.

I have traveled for many years and have met and forgotten many people. My people are long gone. I accidentally drank from a well that had the water of youth when i was but fifteen. It was not apparent until I was well into my thirties and the people around me noticed that they looked older than I did. When I was fifty I had to leave the place where I was living because of some untruthful rumors about the source of my “eternal youth.” I was not worried when I left because I did not think that there was going to be anything drastic with being young until one died.

That was before I found out that not only did the water make me look younger but it also slowed down the speed at which I aged. I was now living at a slower speed than anyone around me was. I began to be extremely suspicious when I reached my hundredth birthday and I felt no different than I had when I was a fifteen and had first drunk the water. During my travels I have worn many disguses to protect my self. With face paint and other props I can disguise myself as someone who is extremely old, poor, rich, old, young, you get the picture.

For most of my life I have been a traveller. But now when I tire of travelling I rest and work in a rift world called Tyr. When first I came to Tyr In Tyr, I was searching for a place that would help me recuperate from my travels. I had first started to search for a place when my memory began to fail me and I did not know who was my friend and who was my enemy. I am the cook, seamstress, and resident jeweler. I do my best to cook and serve food for the various types of individuals who come into Tyr.

I like harmless pranks although I don’t get to practice them often.

My travelling companion is a giant black panther who calls herself Shadow. Click Here For Shadow's Tale She is a great help to me because she gets me out of trouble. However she does a pretty good job of getting me into trouble also.

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