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Truck of Evil

It appears that the sock monkeys have chosen their vehicle of terror- it is a late 80's model of an ice cream truck.

This truck originally could only go up to 85 mph, but with a little help from Mechanic Monkey it can reach speeds of 203+mph.

Over 20 ice cream truck drivers have come to me with reports of missing trucks, below are some locations of evil truck sightings. Please notify your local sock monkey fighting awareness group or myself if you see one or hear of one that has come your way.

To the naked eye the truck does look like a normal ice cream carrying automobile, but if you look closely you can see who is driving it. If it is a sock monkey do not attempt to stop the truck. Do not buy ice cream from these trucks!! We are dealing with some sick and twisted socks here. The "ice cream" is really a mixture of cyanide and cream which will kill anyone who consumes it.

Above is a picture of the truck taken by Ted in El Paso.

The Evil Sock Monkeys have been spotted in these places:

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