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How You Can Help

Here are some ways that you can help fight the aliens and their evil sock monkeys:

Don't wash your socks. If they aren't in the dryer, they will have a harder time getting to your left socks

Limit yourself to one or two pairs of socks, the more pairs of socks you own, the greater the risk of getting them stolen by aliens.

Never take your socks off

When you buy new socks, destroy the left ones IMMEDIATELY. Burn them, rip them, do anything that will prevent them from being used to make an evil sock monkey

Steal as many left socks as you can and start making a giant sock monkey that will fight to save our planet

Make sure you let your friends and family know about the evil sock monkeys. Give them these tips!

Put locks on your washers and dryers

Poison your socks. Enough said

Don't do it for me, don't do it for yourself, do it to save the name of good sock monkeys

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