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The Evil Plan

We already know that socks go missing all of the time, but where to?
I know exactly where. While we are sleeping, aliens slip into our dryers, stealing all of our left socks. Why would they do this? It's quite simple. Most would think that they take them as souveniers to show to all of their alien friends back home.
Well you are wrong! Aliens steal our left socks because they are creating one giant killer sock monkey. These cute cuddly creatures that we've known for so long will be the cause of the world's destruction. With the leftover socks that they have, they will make little sock monkeys. Whole armies of them.
When we least expect it they will fly down from space, killing everything in their way. Survivors will be ruled by the giant sock monkey, Sockratese. Under his reign we will be forced into sock making camps. Millions of sock monkey babies will roam the earth, killing all humans, until eventually there are no more of us left. We must fight back!

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