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Welcome to Daisy's Universe - Index

"Circle of Life - Version 1"
From the Lion King

You are about to enter a site devoted to my kitty Precious. But before you enter, here is what is on my page for you to do.

  • You may apply for our award.
  • Check out our award winners.
  • Learn stuff about cats at our Kitty Facts page.
  • Check out the kitty age chart.
  • Grab a kiss from Precious and Daisy.
  • Read about Daisy. (NOTE: Daisy is a human,
    Precious is Daisy's Kitty)
  • Join our link page.
  • Join our three webrings.
  • Look at our adopted animals.
  • Read about Precious on the front page.
  • Consider adding your site to Daisy's Universe top 50 Cat Sites, PLEASE!
  • How to talk to your kitty.
  • And your Facorite kitty quotes.
  • And much more.
  • And before you leave PLEASE sign my guestbook.

    HAVE FUN!!!

    If you choose not to enter my site, click on leave and you will be taken to

    Awww! How can you choose not to resist that face, don't hit leave. It would hurt Precious's feelings. She made this page for you to see.

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