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N.B. - It has come to my attention that some of the images and information offered on this site have found their way to other sites where they are presented without comment concerning their origin. I have absolutely no quarrel with this. Please use these texts, images, etc., as you like. I only ask that if (for whatever unfathomable reason) you wish to use anything found herein in a work which you offer for profit, that you first acquire the permission of the Ordo Cartusiensis c/o La Grande Chatreuse. Cheers! FJH.

Liturgical Calendar:
Januarius - Februarius - Martius - Aprilis - Majus - Junius -
Julius - Augustus - September - October - November - December

Officium de Beata
Officium de Beata (PDF File revision 12 September 2013) Right click to download.

Agenda Defunctorum
Agenda Defunctorum (PDF File revision 12 September 2013) Right click to download.

Ordo Missae
Ordo Missae (WinWord .doc file - 82.4K)

Carthusian Chant
Veni Sancte Spiritus From Preces in Susceptione Novitii (et alibi.)
Credo quod Redemptor From Preces Sepulturae.
Ne abscondas me ibid.
Ne intres in judicium ibid.

More to be uploaded in future.