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George Brett 1975 Topps Rookie Card
Brettnut's Sportscard Locker!

- A personal site created by a George Brett fan,
dedicated to all fans of how sports were meant to be played! -

This page will provide information to assist you in handling sports card inquiries & transactions.
I am NOT a dealer! As a collector of 45+ years, I continually upgrade my collection by trading,
selling & buying cards, & memorabilia. Hopefully we can help each other!

Enjoy your visit to my Locker!!

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Collecting George Brett and other Sports Cards are some of my passions & I enjoy trading. Please visit my card wantlist for my current wants. Please also stop by my various card trade lists (by sport) for a complete listing of cards I have available for trade or purchase.
- Brettnut, September 03, 2014 -

Cooperstown 1999- Brett Heaven! picture 2 Cooperstown 1999!, picture 2
Cooperstown 1999!

A Collection of Quotes about George Brett and his Career. 1980 Topps GEORGE BRETT


"I don't know how hard I threw it. I just know THE BALL WENT OUT A LOT FASTER THAN THE BALL WENT IN."
- Goose Gossage (on the 1980 ALCS Homer) -


"I always loved to COMPETE against George. He played the game the way you want to see it played. HE WAS FUN TO PLAY AGAINST. HE'S FUN TO BE AROUND."
- Robin Yount, friend and fellow Hall of Famer -


"I always loved the way he played the game of baseball and I also thought he was the most dangerous hitter I ever faced... It got to the point where, if the game was on the line, I told our pitchers not to throw a strike. Never. ROLL the ball up there if you have to."
- Sparky Anderson, Manager -


"It was an amazing thing. Even if you weren't from Kansas City, even if you were never particularly a Royals fan, I think everyone rooted for George Brett."
- Chris Berman, ESPN -


"One of the things I'll remember most about George is I don't think I've ever seen anyone who really enjoyed playing the game as much as he did"."
- Peter Gammons ESPN -


"It's funny. I've got more hits than Babe Ruth and I played on a World Series championship team, but people will probably remember me for hemorrhoids and pine tar."
- George Brett -

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Last updated: September 03, 2014

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